Making a Baby Registry? Here Are 17 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Out!

These days, you can add just about any item to your baby registry – but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. In fact, when it comes to baby gear, you can definitely have too much of a good thing. That’s why we asked some experienced moms what one essential item they really got the most use from, so you can cut down on the registry clutter and stick with tried-and-true picks that will make life easier.


Humidifier. “We always think about all the cute and adorable baby stuff. My cousin got one and it wasn’t on my registry and when I opened it, I was like, ‘This is an awesome gift!’” - Gina

A Moby wrap or some sort of carrier. “There will come a day when the baby demands to be held and you have to do something around the house too. Hands-free snuggles!” – Bekah

“[They] give you free mobility while your little one is perfectly comfortable with your touch and presence. You could even wear no shirt and do skin to skin without having anything being shown.” - Amanda

Swaddle blankets! “They are huge and great for keeping baby warm, covering the car seat, laying it down for a quick diaper change, emergency burp rag, and so much more!” – Stephanie

12-month size (and up) in clothing. “Everyone gifts the newborn stuff because it's tiny and cute but they won't end up wearing half of it.” – Juliana

Replacement breast-pump parts. “You always run out or need to replace at the worst time to make a trip to the store.” – Juliana

Infant medicines and thermometer. “So often this is forgotten until after the baby is sick!” – Mel

Aquaphor! “I use it on everything from diaper rashes to eczema.” - Sherri

Diapers in size 2 or 3. “So many newborn diapers, not enough time to go through them all!” – Amy

“Diapers. Straight up. Everything else is just a luxury. Diapers don't last long. Get ‘em in every size you can – you won't be disappointed you stocked up.” – Kassie

Boogie Wipes! “I never bought them with my older three, this time around I got freebies at the pedi, and loved them so much I buy them all the time. I even use them [for myself]!” – Aimee

Angelcare baby monitor. “Best thing I've ever gotten. No more restless nights, no more trips to the nursery just to make sure they are okay.” – Amy

Reusable breast pads! “No point in buying disposables and wasting money!” – Daneysha

Diaper Genie x 2. “One for the nursery and one for the main living area.” – Denise

Batteries! “They always die so quickly.” – Kirsty

A diaper clutch. “It’s nice not having to take the whole diaper bag into restrooms.” – Joanne

NoseFrida. “That thing looks gross, but it works like a charm.” – Claudia

What baby must-have is on your list?

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