Moms Flawlessly Reenact the Horror of In-Flight Diaper Changes


Parenting in public is difficult in pretty much any setting, but once you get a baby on a plane? Forget about it. There's no space to move around, nowhere to go when the kid needs a change of scenery, and the diaper changes -- OMG, the diaper changes. Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the hilarious comedy team behind the "I Mom So Hard" video series, just shared a hilarious new video that totally nails everything that's terrible about traveling with babies, and it's got the entire Internet sharing their own in-flight horror stories.


"I have a formula: Your youngest [child] has to be 5 before there's an expectation of travel. So everyone just has to come to you," Hensley says at the beginning of the video.

And, after watching the moms hilariously reenact the process of changing a diaper in a shoebox-sized, turbulent airplane bathroom, it's hard to disagree. Check it out:

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In short, the moms say, just don't fly with your kids until they're old enough to not get "poop everywhere! Poop everywhere!"

And it seems their fans agree. Hundreds of people commented on the moms' video to commiserate and tell their own tales of diaper changes gone awry, and they're enough to make you want to skip even the grandest of summer vacations.

Like this poor mom who had a massive poo-mergency and got little more than a Tim Gunn–style "make it work" from the flight attendants.

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Or this mom whose baby boy suffered an unfortunate diaper malfunction.

This mom got so stressed out she had an actual medical emergency.


And, of course, the classic "change it or don't change it" toddler poo-nami dilemma.

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But not everyone brought out their terrifying horror stories. Some parents admitted they've been blessed with magical infants who never whine, cry, or poop themselves on long plane rides.



How nice for them.

As for the rest of us, we'll wave to those lucky parents as we haul our screaming, poop-covered babies to the designated closet to begin our 700th diaper change. Jen and Kristin, we feel your pain.

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