6 Diaper Bag Essentials Every Mom Needs

Babies are full of surprises (and not always pleasant ones), so moms need to be prepared for just about anything anywhere they happen to be.

Here are a few things you should never leave home without!


 1.   Hold everything!
First and foremost, you need the perfect diaper bag, and motherhood is not the time to put style on the back burner. Skip Hop has so many perfectly adorable diaper bags that you’re going to have trouble choosing the right one. So, you might just have to get two!

2.   What’s that on your face?
You’ll be surprised by how many times you’ll need to wipe your baby’s face! And, just wait. Before you know it, she’ll be playing with pureed peas and slurping squash and basically applying it like make-up. Make sure you have some facial cleaning cloths on hand to clean up her sensitive skin. Try Mustela, for a gentle, natural-ingredient facial cloth in a perfect diaper-bag size.

3.   No more boo-hooing over boo-boos.
Most times all it takes is a little TLC to take the sting out of a minor mishap. And the more attention you can bestow on your little one, the quicker he’ll recover. Me4Kidz makes the perfect portable first aid kit, complete with everything you need to make those boo-boos better. Even stickers for toddlers!

4.   Playtime, anytime.
Keep an Infantino GoGaGa Tummy Time Mat in your diaper bag for those questionable floors you find yourself faced with! This mat gives your baby the tummy time he craves and keeps him occupied when playing peek-a-boo just isn’t cutting it.

5.   Hot meals on-the-go.
This stainless-steel insulated flask by Tommee Tippee holds warm water that, in turn, can be used to warm up bottles and baby food when you’re out and about.

6.   Relief for tiny tummies.
Gripe water is the best remedy around for tiny tummies in turmoil. Tuck a bottle or two of this herbal supplement into your diaper bag to keep your wee one from wailing.

What do you never leave home without?


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