7 Essential Items for Your Budding Solid Foodie

Oh, what fun! Your baby’s liquid diet days are over! It’s time to introduce all kinds of delicious experiences to her tummy – not to mention her face and clothes, and maybe your walls.


To satisfy her growing appetite, you’re going to need some special gear and ingredients. Here’s a list of a few essentials to get you started:

1.  Get the proper throne. Every prince or princess deserves a comfortable seat from which to enjoy lots of new flavors and textures. Look first for safety, then consider things like wipeability, flexibility, and compatibility with your home décor. Check out Baby Trend’s Aspen LX High Chair for a seat that not only looks good, but feels good, with its adjustable height and reclining features. A removable tray is easy to clean, too.

2.  Stock up on portable snacks. Stash some easy, tasty snacks in your diaper bag for nibbling on-the-go. Jammy Sammy sandwich bars are organic and made with whole grains and real fruit. You can cut them into bite-sized pieces for older babies to self-feed.

3.  Branch out with new flavors. Now, who would’ve thought mangoes and carrots would taste so good together? Someone in Ella’s Kitchen whipped up these good-for-you, whole-grain Nibbly Fingers bars for snacking or lunching.

4.  Practice the pincer grasp. Tots absolutely adore Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs. They’re easy to grab with the thumb and pointer finger (a crucial fine-motor skill for babies) and melt deliciously in baby’s mouth. (And we won’t tell if you sneak some for yourself – they’re that delicious!)

5.  Sneak in fruits and veggies.  Happy Munchies make for a happy child. These gluten-free snacks for toddlers have an irresistible crunch and great flavor.

6.  Start to cook for your cutie. Finger Food for Babies & Toddlers is the quintessential cookbook filled with healthy and easy-to-create finger foods.

What’s your baby’s favorite finger food?

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