16 Offensive Dad-Themed Onesies We Can't Believe Exist

Jeanne Sager | Jun 20, 2017 Baby
16 Offensive Dad-Themed Onesies We Can't Believe Exist
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Babies are adorable, but crying aside, they can't do much to let us know what they're thinking. That's why baby onesies with sayings on them are so wildly popular. They're a way for parents to let their baby express a little bit of personality via the outfit. Most of the time, onesies say something cute or silly, maybe even a little sappy. But some of these onesies take aim at dads, painting them as hapless idiots who are totally useless when it comes to parenting.

Yes, we know they're just meant to be jokes, and that the baby is too young to understand, but we adults all see what's happening. What are we supposed to think when baby's wearing a onesie that blames Dad for her messy outfit or calls him out for over-drinking? Do we really expect no better from dads? And what's a dad to think when he sees that's what baby's wearing?

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No matter how far we've come in society in putting parents on an equal playing field, onesies like these send a message to all the good dads out there that they'll basically never win. And if any of us put our baby boys in a onesie that takes aim at dad, just imagine how he'll feel as a father himself one day in the future. 

Take a look at some of the onesies that are just a little too offensive for comfort.

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