Dad's Genius Trick Instantly Stops His Baby's Crying

Daniel Eisenman with daughter Divina
Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst/Facebook

Newborns have been known to have a set of lungs on them that would give the biggest of divas a run for her money. And endless crying coupled with sleep deprivation can make the strongest of parents feel weary. Most of us will turn to any and every lifeline for tips on how to calm LO down. Well, folks, look no further. Daniel Eisenman is a new dad whose "how to calm a baby" video hack is going viral for a damn good reason: It totally works!


Eisenman's Facebook Live video has over 33 million pageviews and counting, with over 350,000 shares and 166,000 likes. (Wowza!) Needless to say, people are completely taken aback at how easy and effortless it is for Daniel to calm his baby daughter, Divina. Check this out:


Who the heck knew (aside from this dad, obviously) that chanting "Om" can help soothe a baby?? You have to admit this is pretty incredible. And it's such an affordable way to get LO to quiet down without rushing to the nearest baby store and shelling out a tiny fortune for items like noisemakers and vibrating baby seats that people swear up and down will work.

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Should you happen to be on the fence about this dad's methods, you can check out Eisenman's other videos of his "Om" chant that prove it does the trick over and over again.

"... I don't believe anything happens twice the same way," the dad reveals in his Facebook post. "Secondly, it's not necessarily about it 'working' ... it's about our precious #EarthAngel practicing self acceptance through self-expression, AND simultaneously holding me accountable to do the same by #OMing more."

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Still not sold? The dad recently posted another Facebook video of his parenting trick -- this time giving breathing tips to fellow moms and dads that will help perfect their "Om."

Once again, his baby girl appears to be totally comforted by her father's voice. Divina's face looks like she's saying "Yup, this sh*t really works." (She's so cute!)

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Daniel's videos could be the very parenting wizardry so many of us have been searching for to help end the hour-long showdowns between us and our babies, which usually result in all of us crying and delirious.

I don't know about you, but I kind of feel like a dumbass for not thinking of this when my now 3- and almost 2-year-old boys were that young. Who knew I could've had happier and quieter children -- and saved an extra piece of my own sanity -- just by getting my "Om" on?

While there's no "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" seal on any of this dad's videos, at least it's an option for parents to consider that will either result in some peace and quiet ... or a funny fail video you can laugh at for years to come.

Thanks for the idea, Daniel! Namaste.

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