Mom Turns Her Breastfeeding Journey into Incredible Artwork

momisdrawing instagram

Artist Joy Hwang always imagined breastfeeding would come to her naturally and magically. Instead, her nursing experience started off in the opposite way: It was a struggle. She ate her placenta; she drank teas meant to spur milk production; she nursed and she pumped, and she nursed and she pumped. It was only fitting that her first drawing after becoming a mom was of herself, half asleep with a breast pump connected to her chest.


It was the beginning of a long series of images breastfeeding moms have been "loving" and sharing all over Instagram, where Hwang is better known as Mom Is Drawing, the artist who regularly shares hand-drawn reflections on her life as the mother of a toddler named Auri.

Hwang, who hails from Southern California, has designed everything from on-air graphics for MTV to work for museum walls, but since Auri's birth, she's focused mostly on children's illustrations. Her drawings cover a range of motherhood moments, but it's her breastfeeding journey that started it all.

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