9 Fun Ways to Foster a Stronger Bond With Your Baby


Every new parent worries about bonding well enough with a new baby—that’s perfectly normal. But we’ve got good news: Just in the simple acts of caring for your little one, you’re building those bonds. Add in a few lighthearted moments, and you’ll forge a connection that will last a lifetime.


Get Cuddly:

  • Take a bath together. Focus less on getting clean, more on enjoying the warmth and skin-to-skin contact.
  • Try baby massage. Using a vegetable-based oil, firmly but gently stroke her limbs, belly, and back. It’ll soothe her, and maybe even help her to doze off.
  • Dance with him. Before naptime, hold your little one in your arms and sway gently to mellow music.

Get Talking:

  • Read to her. Every day, from her first day at home—in the beginning, use colorful board books with different-textured pages, and don’t worry so much about telling a story. Once she’s able to focus a little more, you can start really reading.
  • Narrate your walks. Whether you’re wearing your baby or pushing a stroller, describe what you see around you. In unfamiliar surroundings, the sound of your voice will be a big comfort.
  • Have a conversation. Even very young babies will start to make sounds. Hold your baby facing you and answer back, responding to whatever mood you’re sensing.

Get Silly:

  • Play with his senses. Let your baby handle different textured items—a plush fleece blanket, a smooth toy, a squishy ball, a sleek ribbon, a feather. Describe their colors and sensations they evoke.
  • Make faces during diaper changes. Your baby will learn subtle emotional cues while benefiting from prolonged eye contact.
  • Encourage laughter. Once you find the thing that makes your baby giggle uncontrollably, you’ll want to do it again and again.

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How do you enjoy bonding with your baby?

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