How This Photo Helped a Dad Spot His Baby's Cancer

Retinoblastoma spotted in baby photo

As parents, we often see something that catches our eye when we look at photos of our kids. Maybe the children resemble a grandparent, or perhaps their expressions remind us of our partners. But what if the thing you noticed had the power to potentially save your child's vision -- or possibly his life? One baby's parents realized that their son's eyes looked different from each other -- one was red from the flash, while the other had a white reflection. This anomaly led them to make a devastating discovery. The eye with the white reflection indicated their child was facing a frightening childhood cancer: retinoblastoma.


On a GoFundMe page set up to help now-1-year-old Jaxson's family cover medical expenses, the tot shares his heartbreaking story (penned by a grown-up, of course).

One day, my mum and dad took a photo of me with the flash on and noticed one eye was red and one eye had a white reflection. They googled (which was dangerous) and found retinoblastoma on the NHS website, mummy and daddy were very concerned and I was straight off to the doctors on the Monday to have an eye exam.

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The child's GoFundME page explains the frightening condition that will, most likely, cost Jaxson his vision in that eye:

Retinoblastoma is a childhood cancer arising from an over growth of retinal cells in one or both eyes and can strike from the time a child is in the womb up to 5 years of age (rarely later). This cancer is treatable if caught early.

Like the others, [the doctor] informed my family that, worst case, there was a chance I could lose my eye. He had faith however, with chemotherapy i could beat this although I will never see tunnel vision in this eye, I can still see peripheral. 

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Our hearts break for this family as they watch their innocent baby put through something no one -- especially a child -- should have to endure. 

Jaxson's page details what this condition has cost him:

Chemotherapy has made me lose my hair, made me sick, tired, weak and everything I eat tastes like metal although now I have a lot of meds to try and control the sickness. The side effects make me a very grizzly boy.

Jaxson fight against Retinoblastoma
This poor child. We can't imagine the emotional, physical, and financial toll this is taking on the family. 

Please, don't let my parents and family get overwhelmed with this and help them fight my battle against cancer. And finally, please share my story with someone else.

I want nothing more than to raise money for the amazing people that have helped us so far and to raise awareness for retinoblastoma.


This devastating story is an important reminder for parents and caregivers to take a longer look at those adorable baby and toddler photos. If you notice anything like the white reflection that Jaxson's family saw, seek medical attention to learn more.

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