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15 Photos of Newborn Baby Feet That Prove There's Nothing Cuter

Baby Jeanne Sager Apr 6, 2017

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When new babies come into this world, we tend to wrap them up tightly in a swaddle, hiding their cute little feet and hands from the world. The swaddle's supposed to help them feel safe and secure, the way they did in the womb. But if you've ever wanted to sneak a little foot or two out of the blankets because they're just so cute, you're in luck! Birth photographers love baby feet just as much as you do! 

They've shared some of their favorite images of sweet little baby feet! Are you ready to squee? 

2Sweet Smush

"I love baby feet so much! And these pressed up against the glass are perfection," says photographer Lindsay Kaye.

4Fast Friends

Photographer Mia Gorrell snapped this shot of little feet bound to do a lot of running around together! 

5Up Against the Wall

"I just imagine what this baby is feeling as he touches his toes to this cold smooth surface for the first time ... new life is the most amazing thing," says photographer Carrie Friesen. "Documenting life for this sweet family is definitely a favorite for me!"

8Nestled in the Blankets

"These tiny little feet are going to do great things one day!" says photographer Monique of Willow and Finch Photography.

10Sticking Out

Baby toes fresh out of the womb are kind of like baby toes fresh out of the bath -- perfectly wrinkly!

12Marking the Spot

Marked down forever for the memory books! 

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