9 Sweet & Easy Ways to Track Baby's Milestones Without a Baby Book

baby milestones
I had very good intentions when I was nine months pregnant. I went to the craft store and dropped $100 on scrapbook supplies. I was going to become a scrapbooker and have an adorable and lovingly handmade baby book to track all those precious milestones. And then I had the baby and remembered that I'm actually not crafty at all


In addition to the scrapbook I never made, I also have a pre-printed baby book I've never filled out and a crazy amount of photos saved on my computer waiting to be organized. 

Sometimes I wish I was one of those Pinterest-perfect moms who always seems to have adorable ideas to beautifully track milestones like first steps and first words, but I'm just not. Instead, I have a vague recollection that Evelyn started walking around nine months or so and that her first word was either "Dada" or "ball." I think. Maybe. I have it written down on a piece of paper somewhere. 

Clearly there must be a better way. 

And, thanks to some clever moms, now I know that there is! I talked to these moms, who've figured out some sweet and totally doable ways to capture baby milestone memories, no crafty skills required. Read on for some ideas worth stealing!

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