9 Sweet & Easy Ways to Track Baby's Milestones Without a Baby Book

Wendy Robinson | Mar 17, 2017 Baby

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I had very good intentions when I was nine months pregnant. I went to the craft store and dropped $100 on scrapbook supplies. I was going to become a scrapbooker and have an adorable and lovingly handmade baby book to track all those precious milestones. And then I had the baby and remembered that I'm actually not crafty at all

In addition to the scrapbook I never made, I also have a pre-printed baby book I've never filled out and a crazy amount of photos saved on my computer waiting to be organized. 

Sometimes I wish I was one of those Pinterest-perfect moms who always seems to have adorable ideas to beautifully track milestones like first steps and first words, but I'm just not. Instead, I have a vague recollection that Evelyn started walking around nine months or so and that her first word was either "Dada" or "ball." I think. Maybe. I have it written down on a piece of paper somewhere. 

Clearly there must be a better way. 

And, thanks to some clever moms, now I know that there is! I talked to these moms, who've figured out some sweet and totally doable ways to capture baby milestone memories, no crafty skills required. Read on for some ideas worth stealing!

  • Send Baby an Email


    "I made an email account for my daughter! I usually send an email to my mom once a week and throw in some pictures of my daughter and some updates about what she is doing. I CC my daughter's email address, and I'm looking forward to reading them with her when she gets older." -- Taralyn C., Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

  • Just Write One Sentence


    "I'm a huge fan of the one-sentence journal. Every night at bedtime, I write one sentence about the day -- something we did or a new food my son tried or a cute moment. I like that it captures both big milestones (like the first time he crawled) and the everyday little things (like he napped with a lovie for the first time). Sometimes I write a longer passage but all I have to do is one sentence, and that feels totally doable." -- Ellie O., Casper, Wyoming

  • Post on Social Media


    "Honestly, social media is my baby book. Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I usually post something baby related every day. Someday I'll try to save them in a book of some sort, but for now I know at least the memories are SOMEWHERE." -- Janice V., Denver, Colorado

  • Write Your Baby Letters


    "I write each of my kids a letter, on actual paper, once a month. I usually recap what they did that month or special moments or ways they were driving me crazy (gotta keep it real!). I plan to give each of them all their letters when they are adults, maybe when each is expecting their own baby." -- Laura N., Tucson, Arizona

  • Create a Digital Photo Album


    "Photo books are so easy these days, so I do that instead of an official baby book. I like choosing pictures of our everyday life from my phone and adding a little caption or two about the day. I can create a book online in less than an hour, so I do one every six months or so." -- Maya R., Abilene, Kansas

  • Fill Out a Card


    "As a baby shower gift, a girlfriend gave me a stack of homemade cards. Each card had a milestone on it and a space to write in the date and a few details. The idea is that I can fill in the blanks and then take a picture of the baby and the card. 

    "It's really cute because she made cards for big things like 'first steps' and 'first word' but also things like 'found toes for the first time' and 'blew out my onesie.' I've asked her to make me a few more sets, and now it is my go-to baby shower gift." -- Marissa R., Indianola, Iowa

  • Tweet in Her Voice


    "My 1-year-old has a Twitter account! I know it sounds crazy, but I post tweets from her point of view, like 'Today I tried peas. PASS,' and someday I'll turn the account over to her for real. I think she'll like having a record of her childhood, 140 characters at a time. And my parents and family love the little updates." -- Barb J., Spokane, Washington

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  • Write It in Chalk


    "We painted a chalkboard wall in the playroom of our house. Every month I stick the kids in front of the wall and doodle some notes about what they did that month and snap a quick photo on my phone. Fifteen minutes or less per month, so I can handle that. Someday I'm going to do something with the pictures, maybe a photobook." -- Annie E., Hastings, Minnesota

  • Save the Day Care Notes


    "My daughter's day care sends home little check-sheets about her day: what she ate, potty notes, what she played with, that kind of thing. I've saved ones that note milestones or special days and keep them in a pretty box. I like having this record of her days, even when they aren't moments I see myself. It is also how I've tracked when she dropped the second nap, when she started liking bananas, and a bunch of other little moments." -- Kelly S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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