15 Clever Onesies for Babies Who Like to Stay Up All. Night. Long.

Liz Alterman | Mar 10, 2017 Baby
15 Clever Onesies for Babies Who Like to Stay Up All. Night. Long.
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Along with their heavenly newborn scent and infinitely pinchable cheeks, babies are sometimes born with internal clocks that can seem pretty mixed up. So your beautiful, peaceful-by-day baby may seem more like a soulless vampire who stays up all night long just to torture you. We're joking, of course, but in order to get through those loooong wee hours of the morning, why not put baby in a funny onesie that makes you smile through your tears? 

Whether you just want baby to wear these as a fun around-the-house gag or you choose to give them as a unique gift that shows you never outgrow your sense of humor, these fun onesies celebrate night owls in style!

  • 'Party at My Crib'


    Who wouldn't want to party with a fun-loving baby? Of course, most parents prefer that the "fun" starts well before sundown, but sometimes baby has other ideas!

    "Party at My Crib," $19.99; Fayfaire 

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  • 'I'm With the Band'


    Got a little rock star in the making? Let the world know! (If mom or dad is a musician, this is great way to outfit your little groupie!) Remember, rockers party all night long. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

    "I'm With the Band," $10.99; Etsy

  • 'I'm the Reason Mommy Drinks'


    Caffeine is your best friend during those early days when your beautiful baby turns into a devilish night owl. Embrace it!

    "I'm the Reason Mommy Drinks," $15.00; Etsy

  • 'Namaste Awake All Night'


    It takes a lot to stay equanimous or zen when you're functioning on two hours of shut-eye. Try chanting "om" if you feel like you're really losing it. This is a great onesie for the yogini in your life. 

    "Namaste Awake All Night," $10.00; Etsy

  • 'Wee Little Hooligan'


    Just in time for St. Paddy's Day! Every baby is a hooligan at one point or another (especially during the teething stage!), so you don't need to be Irish to enjoy this onesie!

    "Wee Little Hooligan," $14.99; Amazon 

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  • 'Cool Kids Never Sleep'


    Sorry, kid, mom and dad may beg to differ. In fact, some might argue that there's nothing cooler than a solid eight hours of sleep. 

    "Cool Kids Never Sleep," $13.00; Etsy

  • 'Errday I'm Guzzling'


    This is a fun twist on the famous line from LMFAO's song "Party Rock Anthem": "Every day I'm shuffling." You bet baby loves to guzzle. Keep that milk comin' -- all night long.

    "Errday I'm Guzzling," $12.99; Etsy

  • 'Bearly Awake'


    Your little cub will look cute as can be in this onesie, even if it's 2 a.m. 

    "Bearly Awake," $14.50; Etsy

  • 'Night Owl'


    Giving this onesie to a new parent might seem like a "hoot," but when you're living it, there's nothing funny about baby's insomnia. 

    "Night Owl," $14.95; Amazon

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  • 'Up All Night'


    If you're raising a nocturnal newborn, you may feel like you've got the dark rings of a raccoon around your eyes. Honey, grab that concealer and know that someday your child will sleep so deeply you might not be able to wake him. Even if it's not for 15 years, it's good to know that day will come. 

    "Up All Night," $19.99; Jet

  • 'Terror of the Night'


    Oh, baby, we hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but when you're up from dusk 'til dawn, it does sort of feel like you're trying to terrorize us. Sorry. 

    "Terror of the Night," $18.99; Look Human

  • 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn'


    Fans of this borough -- or the hit Beastie Boys song -- will thrill to put baby to bed in this one. (Of course, baby won't sleep, but you can still put her in her crib.)

    "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," $21.99; Amazon

  • 'Up All Night? Good'


    We know cats are nocturnal, so it makes sense that Grumpy Cat would want a little company. Too bad he can't change diapers, or we'd put him on the night shift permanently.

    "Up All Night? Good," $14; Old Town Gifts

  • 'Resist the Bedtime Regime'


    This baby is a rebel! No sleep for this little one. You might want him to fall into line, but he's got other ideas!

    "Resist the Bedtime Regime," $15; Etsy

  • 'I Was Up All Night!'


    It seems kids today are using social media at some pretty early ages, but posting right from the crib? That's a first! Still, it's no surprise this Facebook-friendly onesie got several likes from other babies!

    "I Was Up All Night!" $9.39; My Baby Babbles

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