Mom Invents Glue You Can Use to Decorate Your Baby

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When you have a new baby, you spend a lot of time oohing and ahhing over her tiny features and trying to figure out which family members she most resembles. But, have you ever looked at your baby and thought, "Wow, you'd be so much cuter if I could decorate you"? If so, this might be your lucky day. A mom just invented literal baby glue so parents can stick bows and other ornaments to bald babies' heads -- seriously.


Girlie Glue is a new all-natural, agave-based glue invented specifically for parents whose babies don't have enough hair to hold a barrette. Apparently, it's a very serious problem if you have a female baby who just looks like any old, regular baby. So, now you can use Girlie Glue to stick bows and flowers to your baby's head to make sure everyone knows she has a vagina -- because, as the Girlie Glue website proclaims, "It's never too early to be Girlie."

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Girlie Glue was invented by mom and CEO Katie Hydrick, who writes on the product's website that she was tired of signaling her baby's gender to the world with "uncomfortable headbands and bows," so she "searched endlessly" for an alternative. In the end, she was forced to retire to her own kitchen and concoct a special recipe for baby adhesive, as one does.

The Girlie Glue website also sells hearts, flowers, and bows to use with the glue, and they promise their product will hold those accessories on all day long. After all, you wouldn't want your infant to be caught unaccessorized in public. The horror!

Naturally, Twitter is having a field day with this product. After one user tweeted about Girlie Glue, dozens of people chimed in to crack jokes and speculate on possible alternative uses.

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Honestly, I'm surprised baby antlers aren't already a trend on Instagram.

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All jokes aside, there's obviously nothing wrong with wanting a baby to wear hair bows. I spent a solid few hours crafting handmade headbands and accessories for my own daughter before she was born. But, perhaps we've taken things just a step too far when we start mistaking our babies' delicate heads for a blank canvas for our latest decoupage project.

The magical thing about babies is that they're completely removed from our silly ideas about gender and fashion and how men and women are "supposed" to look. Sure, it's a little awkward when someone walks up to you at Target and mistakes your son for a daughter or vice versa. But, really, it's not the end of the world. At the very least, it's not worth gluing random objects to your baby.

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