How to Tell If Your Baby's a Genius in the Making

Every mom is different. Every baby is different. But there's one thing that binds them all: Almost every mom thinks her baby is a genius in the making. 

You just shrugged a little bit, didn't you? 



Maybe because you're guilty as charged? Don't be ashamed! After all, if more than a few things on this list apply to your own little Boss Baby, you might just be right... 

1. He has diaper explosions like any baby, but they only seem to happen when you put him in that hideous outfit Great Aunt Agnes (who can't see very well) knitted for him. 

2. When you caught him shoving his hands in that crack between the couch cushions and shoving it in his mouth and realized he’d created an entire stash of “emergency” food in there. Cereal. Puffs. Teething Biscuits. It’s like a baby pantry.

3. She doesn't just repeat the naughty words you drop while driving with perfect diction – she uses them in context. 

4. She’s figured out how to get her big brother to tell on himself. And when it happens, she laughs.

5. When something goes wrong, she rolls her eyes, sighs, then throws her hands up in the air as though she cannot BELIEVE she’s stuck with you as her mother.

6. He led the entire daycare in the refusal to eat vegetables for a week.  

7. When he doesn't like something you've served for dinner, he doesn't spit it out. He just calls the dog over. 

8. You ground up kale and slipped it into the mac and cheese. Not only did she refuse to eat it, but she's been side eying you ever since. 

9. He takes the childproof caps off your medicine for you. 

10. The last time you were ready to leave for the pediatrician’s office for another round of vaccines, you couldn’t find your keys … because she hid them.

11. He has figured out exactly how many times he’s required to throw his “kid” food across the kitchen before you rescue him from that awful dungeon you call a highchair and let him eat your food while sitting on your lap.

12. She immediately points at the dog when you start to make your "I smell a dirty diaper!" face. 

DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby – a hilariously universal story about how a new arrival impacts a family – opens on March 31st.

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