21 Answers to the Breastfeeding Questions Women Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

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Between finding out about expecting and then actually giving birth, there are going to be tons of questions (tons!) that swirl through an expectant mother's mind. Becoming a new mom is really exciting but also very scary, as we often don't know what to expect until we actually give it a try -- like breastfeeding, for example. I'm sure it seems silly to say, but there's no way to really prepare for a baby to nurse! 


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Nothing can truly prepare an expectant mother to nurse a baby quite like actually breastfeeding, but that doesn't mean new moms aren't going to have questions. And some of those questions might feel, um, embarrassing or silly ... but they shouldn't be! Nursing is hard to get right, especially on the first attempt when babies often have trouble latching. There's no shame in asking for a little help, especially in the first months of nursing.

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We caught up with some lactation consultants to get answers to those burning breastfeeding questions many expectant and new mothers are dying to know, but might not want to ask. Because there are no silly questions when it comes to being a new mom!

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