Watch This Blissed-Out Baby Get Her Hair Washed & Embrace Her Chill

Taveon Gleen/ Facebook

If you've been panicking about how you'll get everything done this holiday season and you feel the stress mounting, boy, have we found the perfect antidote! As you watch this newborn baby girl attain a complete state of utter chill while getting her hair washed, you will find yourself smiling and breathing a little easier. Thanks, baby!


We're not the only ones who can't get enough of this sweet angel, who appears to be completely blissed out and "in the zone." The video, shared on Facebook by proud mom Taveon Glenn, has been viewed over 24 million times. Watch and see why!

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People are marveling at this baby as she loves that luxurious feeling. Who can blame her? Isn't this the very best part of getting your hair cut? It's perfect that you can see her little hand waving from within her blanket, as if to say, "A little to the right. That's it. Don't stop!" 

You have to wonder if this little lady will grow up to be a spa lover. You can almost hear her cooing with pleasure, right? It makes you want to run to the salon for a blow-out today.

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We wonder if the nurse who's giving that relaxing shampoo has ever had such a happy "customer" before? She makes it look so easy, the way she cradles the newborn's neck so carefully. New parents may want to copy her technique and see if it calms their babies as well. If so, what a great trick to keep in your arsenal -- especially before bed time. 

It has to warm a new mom's heart to see that millions of people have taken a brief time-out amid the harried holiday season to admire one of life's sweet moments and the baby who truly appreciates it.

If you're feeling stressed, take a deep breath, watch this infant, and try to attain her state of bliss. Maybe it's only a good shampoo away. 

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