13 Moms Get Real About Why They Chose Not to Breastfeed

Liz Alterman | Nov 10, 2016 Baby

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Whether folks believe "breast is best" or "formula is just fine," they probably have pretty good reasons to back it up. While the issue often causes a great divide among moms, it's a personal one. No matter which way mothers choose to nourish their babies, it's important to remember that at the end of the day, they feel good about it and their little ones remain happy, healthy, and well-fed. We asked moms in our CafeMom community what made them decide not to breastfeed

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Breastfeeding is an incredibly personal issue. While some moms want to play things closer to the chest, other moms found that they had good reasons for deciding to forgo the boob for the bottle. From mothers who wanted to be able to sleep through the night, to those who experienced medical reasons that prevented them from feeding, to the ones who just simply didn't want to breastfeed -- there is no wrong or right answer to how a baby gets fed. All that matters to a baby is that there is food! Motherhood is hard enough as it is -- these moms were making the best decision that felt right for them. 

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For moms who choose to bottle-feed their baby, these honest responses might be recognizable. 

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  • Health

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    "I went the easy way because [that was the way] I knew, and I didn't want to try something new with a kid with a heart problem that required a lot of special care."

  • Not Interested

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    "I didn't breastfeed my kids simply because I did not want to. That was a good enough reason for me."

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  • Baby Didn't Latch On Right Away


    "With my newborn now he refused to latch in the hospital. After trying for four years to conceive him I just wanted to be able to enjoy him and not be frustrated with trying to feed him."

  • Stress

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    "I choose to formula 'cause it's way better for me and [less] stressful."

  • Help From Daddy

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    "I can rely on my husband to help with feedings at night while I get to sleep till next feeding."

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  • Baby in Distress


    "With my first she was flown to another hospital right after she was born and I did not see her for over a week until I was released. I was young and she was on formula that whole time so I went with it."

  • Lack of Milk Production

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    "With my son he wanted more than I produced and was always hungry. I was just too overwhelmed trying to make it work that it was better for my health and his to move to formula."

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  • Eating & Drinking ... Anything You Want

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    "I know it sounds selfish, but after nine months of watching everything I consumed, I just wanted to eat and drink without having to worry about its impact on my baby."

  • Postpartum Depression

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    "It started as a choice but ended up being necessity. I knew I didn't want to breastfeed from the start so I didn't. What I didn't know was that I would end up with severe PPD (postpartum depression) and anxiety that required medication that would be dangerous to the babies.

    I remember the day I was diagnosed very clearly. My husband found me in the bathroom scrubbing already clean counters and crying because I couldn't get them clean enough. It was a huge help to formula feed because I needed medication and he had to be a very hands-on daddy for a few days, because the anxiety medication made me kind of zombie the first few days until I got used to it."

  • My Body Is Mine

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    "I just had no desire to sacrifice my body any longer. I did try to breastfeed my youngest but it made me depressed. As soon as I switched to formula, I felt like a whole new woman and was happy."

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  • Tongue-Tied Tot

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    "I tried to nurse my first but he had an undiagnosed tongue tie that made breastfeeding miserable for both of us. I also had severe postpartum depression. Formula feeding him allowed him to get the milk he needed and me to take the meds I needed. It was a great decision for both of us."

  • Extended Family

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    "I knew we'd have tons for extended family visiting and I knew some other relatives wouldn't be comfortable with me nursing in front of them. Also, I knew they'd want to give the baby a bottle and I wasn't prepared to pump, so I just chose not to do it." 

  • Daycare

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    "We decided that she'd be bottle fed because she'll be going to daycare and etc., and it would just be easier for all of us to do bottles. Even though it's going to cost more."

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