15 'Rich' Baby Names Inspired by Fictional Millionaires

Liz Alterman | Oct 7, 2016 Baby

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Television shows and movies often have characters who are pretty darn well-to-do. If you're hoping your baby will grow up to be fabulously wealthy, you're going to want to give him or her a name worthy of that coveted strata. We've rounded up 15 millionaires' names from popular programs and films to serve as a little inspiration.

While these characters might have had other not-so-lovely qualities, such as greed or arrogance, when it came to money, they were rolling in it.

Check out our list of baby names inspired by fictional millionaires and bank on your little one being a big success. 


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  • Blair


    Who could forget Blair Warner from The Facts of Life? The privileged private school girl had her heart in the right place but often needed to be taken down a few notches to relate to her more sensible schoolmates. Blair can also work for a boy, making it a fun gender-neutral option. 

  • Edward


    Edward Lewis -- a man with two first names, technically -- used his money to buy time with Pretty Woman's Vivian Ward, portrayed by Julia Roberts. This name is a classic that lends itself to the casual nicknames "Ed" or "Eddie." 

  • Thurston & Lovey


    Remember this self-serving duo from Gilligan's Island? Thurston and Lovey -- her real name was Eunice -- Howell were shipwrecked with regular people and forced to adjust to a life without their creature comforts. These names certainly are out of the ordinary!

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  • Gordon


    Oh, Gordon Gekko! While we wouldn't want our sons to turn out exactly like this Wall Street mogul, the name isn't one that makes too many lists, meaning it's fairly original -- and a nice change from the popular "Jordan."

  • Jay


    Literary legend Jay Gatsby has been brought to life on the big screen more than once. This simple three-letter name might be a good fit for a baby who'll have a multi-syllable or hyphenated last name. 

  • Joy


    Speaking of three-letter names, Joy is one that really expresses just how happy your baby girl makes you. Based on the real-life story of Joy Mangano, the film Joy will have you cheering for this rags-to-riches inventor and businesswoman. 

  • Jordan


    Jordan is a popular name for boys and girls. Of course, no one wants their son or daughter to get mixed up in white collar crime the way Jordan Belfort did in Wolf of Wall Street.

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  • Anna


    Movie star Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts, wins the heart of local book store owner William Thacker, portrayed by Hugh Grant, in the film Notting Hill. Anna is a name that's a classic but at the same time has risen in popularity over the past decade.

  • Miranda


    The Devil Wore Prada's Miranda Priestly got to her lofty position by stepping on the backs of her underlings -- all while wearing the most stylish and expensive heels available.

    The name also calls to mind Miranda Hobbs from HBO's Sex and the City. The high-power attorney, played by Cynthia Nixon, was pretty well paid too come to think of it!

  • Cher


    This name will definitely make your daughter stand out! As spoiled as Clueless's Cher Horowitz might have been, she definitely had a soft side. It takes a big personality to handle this short but sassy moniker.

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  • Blaine


    Remember the handsome rich boy who nearly broke Molly Ringwald's heart in Pretty in Pink? Blaine, portrayed by Andrew McCarthy, is the ultimate rich kid's name. We could see it working well for either gender. Just make sure that piggy bank is stocked at all times! 

  • Alexis


    Alexis and those similar-sounding names, such as Alexandria, Alex, and Alexandra, have been staples of the most-popular lists for years now. Dynasty's Alexis Colby, played by Joan Collins, made the name certainly seem dramatic for an adult, but it can be cute as well, thanks to nicknames like "Lex" and "Lexi." 

  • Philip


    Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air did pretty well for himself and his family. The name Philip conjours thoughts of a stately gentleman, doesn't it?

  • Roger


    Mad Men's Roger Sterling was certainly charming, but he had some foibles when it came to drinking and womanizing. The name is not one you hear every day and definitely one a boy can grow into.

  • Charles


    The Simpsons' Charles Montgomery Burns is Springfield's richest and most powerful citizen  -- though it hasn't helped him much in the popularity deparment. Still, Charles is great name for a little guy, while in recent years we've seen "Charlie" used for girls as well. Actors Jerry O'Connell and Jeremy Sisto both have daughters named Charlie. 

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