Winter Babies are ... Dumb?

snowy tree

photo by LilStar9905

My baby was born in December and I happen to think she's the most brilliant creature on the planet. So do her grandparents. But according to recent research, we might just be imagining things. A number of studies show that babies born in winter—January, February, and March to be exact—are not as smart as babies born in other months.


The research shows that winter babies grow up to be less educated, less intelligent, less healthy, and lower paid than those born in spring, summer, and fall. But the scientists found that it's not so much when a baby is born, as it is who is having the baby. Babies born in the winter are more likely to have moms who are unmarried teenagers without high school diplomas. Scientists speculate that these are "prom babies" since they're born about nine months after most proms. They also think that since these babies are born during flu season, their moms are more likely to be sick when they're born, putting them at a disadvantage.

Should you be concerned? Daniel Hungerman, one of the scientists who led the study, says no. "Mothers should not worry about their children's fate just because they were born in January, February, or March." After all, he was born in February!

Do you have a winter baby? Are you a winter baby? What do you think about the results of the study?

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