Photo of Mom Breastfeeding Her Nephew Raises Eyebrows on Facebook

mom breastfeeds nephewIt seems sometimes a mama just can't win. While watching her infant nephew, who refused to take a bottle, this mom breastfed the baby and then used her sister's pumped milk to feed her own little one. Though this sounds like a win-win for the babies and the moms, it's raising some eyebrows among followers of the Facebook page where the mom shared it. 


The photo, shared on Breastfeeding Mama Talk, has garnered a variety of opinions. While many people applaud what this mom did for her sister's hungry baby, not all followers of the page are as positive.

One commenter wrote: "I wouldn't mind using another woman's breastmilk if it were bagged if I couldn't produce any, I just couldn't be comfortable with letting my child actually latch to another woman."

Some moms view breastfeeding as an extremely personal time that builds a lasting bond between mother and child. Others view it as a means to an end. In other words, keep that baby fed and happy -- no matter what it takes.

Still, the concept of wet nurses -- women who were employed to feed another woman's baby -- dates back centuries, so it certainly shouldn't shock anyone in the 21st century. 

As another commenter pointed out: "... wet nurses saved lives for hundreds of years. Before formula was invented if a woman had no milk or couldn't breastfeed then a wet nurse or donated milk where [sic] the options." 

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This mom/aunt explained how it came about: "In some weird chain of events today I ended up breast feeding my sisters [sic] son while she was away, because he would not take the bottle his momma pumped him," she writes. "In return because my son won't latch and is strictly fed bottles I pump, my sister was able to feed my son her perfectly good pumped milk. Which made for two very happy and content babies."

Sweet, right? Both babies enjoyed the benefit of being fed by women who love them. 

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Plenty of women wrote in in support of this mom, with most agreeing that getting that baby fed was the most important thing of all. For anyone who has cared for an infant who will only take the breast, being unable to comfort them when they're hungry and their mama hasn't returned is excruciating for all in the room. 

Another person commented, "It's a very intimate, special thing for us, and I would be sad to have her have that bond with someone else. But if it was an emergency and she was hungry and I couldn't be there, I would be eternally grateful to someone who nurse her in my place."

While it might not be ideal, do you really want your baby to starve just because you're stuck in traffic or delayed for another reason?  

This mom is keeping the bigger picture in mind. Another commenter wrote: "The best baby is a fed baby. No matter who feeds it. Breast feeding isn't about being personal or special. It is about feeding a hungry child. Breast, bottle, feeding tube, it shouldn't matter as long as a baby eats." 

It's great that in this case, both sisters were happy with the outcome -- as were their satisfied infants. 



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