Have You Tasted Your Own Breast Milk?


suckling pigletsAccording to Us Magazine, Pete Wentz has tried his wife Ashlee Simpson's breast milk and says it tastes "soury" and "weird." Hmm. My husband has no idea how my breast milk tastes and, for that matter, neither do I. But some of the moms in the CafeMom Newcomers Club have tried their own breast milk.

Rhynstonefreak asked, "Is it okay to drink your own breast milk?" Apparently, she has a friend who has so much, she uses it in her coffee. Here's what some of the other Baby Mamas had to say:

"I don't know and I don't want to know!" —copperswifey

"You can, but I don't think I would want to." —Blondee512

"It is fine and healthy to drink your own breast milk! It tastes good. It is good for many things. My teenage brother was having really bad acne and was on a few different Rx's for it, but nothing was helping. I pumped two ounces of breast milk and my mom put it on his face and back and the next day it was almost completely cleared up." —TreysMommy0717

"I have tasted mine. It is very very sweet." —CarlaD

"Why couldn't you? Why would it be healthy for an infant, but not for you? It's milk not pee! Mine tastes sweet like the sugary milk in the bottom of a cereal bowl." —Mama2HannahLynn

How about you? Have you (or has anyone other than your baby) tasted your breast milk?



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BabyDio BabyDio

Yes, I have a rule.... if I won't taste it... I won't feed it to my daughter..... really helped her get past those nasty purees.....

ohbladi ohbladi

It tasted like cereal milk, like Mama2HannahLynn says. I tried just a taste out of curiousity.

caiti caiti

I agree, it tastes like sugary cereal milk.

mamac... mamachef694

I've tried mine.... and I've cooked with mine... DH and I were cooking and ran out of milk so I just took one of my pumped bags and used it in the potatoes... I mean why not... It's milk and next time I will probably use it more sonce it is probably healthier than others

May-20 May-20

Sure. I tasted everything I gave to my babies. I've never cooked with it (didn't think about it), but as long as the baby has plenty, I don't see a problem with it.

njmom... njmommy2boys

I've tried mine and my hubby has too.  It's funny how many women think it is disgusting to try it yet they feed it to their infants.  I tasted formula too when I did the switch over.  My children have never eaten anything that I haven't tried first.

Pauli... Pauline3283

Yes, I have.  I won't give my kids something I won't eat myself.

momof... momof5under5

I think it is crazy to say you wont feed something to your kids if you dont first try it. Some things that are made for babies are made for their brain development and may not taste good to adults. I have never tried my breast milk and dont think I will and neither has my husband. I know it is not dangerous just not something I want to put in my  mouth. I have tried several of the jar foods and they all taste nasty to me but my kids loved them. So to everyone that has tried thats great but its not for me.lol

weeze... weezer_cookie

I tried it.  I mean, I won't put it in my coffee or anything but curiosity got the best of me LOL

baker... bakersd79

Of course I have! It is designed for human consumption, after all. Unlike cow's milk which was designed for consumption and growth needs of baby cows.
And it DOES taste like sugary cereal milk. That is how I have always described it to anyone who asks.

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