11 Super Awkward Places Moms Have Had to Pump Breast Milk

After I had my daughter, my husband and I knew our family of four was complete. As she got older, we gave away her crib and tiny clothes, which was sometimes bittersweet. What wasn't bittersweet was the blessed day when I gave away my breast pump. Adios, pumpy! 


Don't get me wrong, being able to pump was a great way to be able to make sure my girl got breast milk when I was back at work. But as any pumping mom will tell you, pumping can be time-consuming and tiresome and ... OH SO awkward. 

I thought I was pretty committed pumper because I lugged that pump to work for months. And then I discovered that I have not one but TWO friends who've pumped in portable toilets at outdoor festivals. That is some varsity level commitment to the pumping experience. 

Because I am always nosy, I put out the call to my local mothers' group to see who else had pumped crazy places, and boy did they deliver. Read on for some stories that definitely prove a mother will do almost anything for her baby!


Image via iStock.com/Pilin_Petunyia

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