11 Super Awkward Places Moms Have Had to Pump Breast Milk

Wendy Robinson | Oct 7, 2016 Baby

After I had my daughter, my husband and I knew our family of four was complete. As she got older, we gave away her crib and tiny clothes, which was sometimes bittersweet. What wasn't bittersweet was the blessed day when I gave away my breast pump. Adios, pumpy! 

Don't get me wrong, being able to pump was a great way to be able to make sure my girl got breast milk when I was back at work. But as any pumping mom will tell you, pumping can be time-consuming and tiresome and ... OH SO awkward. 

I thought I was pretty committed pumper because I lugged that pump to work for months. And then I discovered that I have not one but TWO friends who've pumped in portable toilets at outdoor festivals. That is some varsity level commitment to the pumping experience. 

Because I am always nosy, I put out the call to my local mothers' group to see who else had pumped crazy places, and boy did they deliver. Read on for some stories that definitely prove a mother will do almost anything for her baby!


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  • Zombie Mom

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    "I pumped in a porta potty at zombie-themed pub crawl. It was before it all got messy, and I was working the food truck -- so I couldn't exactly do it in there." -- Fiona 

  • Party Bus

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    "I pumped on a party bus during my friend's bachelorette party!" --Stephanie 

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  • In Flight

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    "Pumped in an airplane bathroom. Transcontinental flight for work to go to a work conference. Ah, the glamorous life of the working mom!" -- Kacey R.

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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    "I had to pump sitting on the floor by the elevators in Garage C while watching the All-Star baseball game. 

    The battery pack for my pump died, so I needed an outlet. And the only outlet was in the elevator area." -- Liz

  • Trapped on a Train

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    "I used to carry my pump back and forth to work with me. I travel by train most days and one day the train broke down. I was on it for over an hour and I was starting to leak! I usually nursed my babe as soon as I got home so my breasts were like 'it's go time!' 

    Yep, ended up pumping on a train, trying to cover myself with my blazer." -- Rachel

  • That Time I Really Needed a Manual Pump

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    "On our first overnight trip away, we drove around and around Omaha trying to find a public bathroom with an outlet. I finally ended up in a hotel.

    I had to plug the pump in by the sink and stretch it as near as possible to a stall and then reach under the door to turn it on and off. This time around I'm getting a manual pump for times like these." -- Stephanie L.

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  • It's a Small World After All

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    "We took a family trip to Florida. I pumped at all the tourist spots: Disneyland, Sea World, you name it. If there was someone dressed up like a princess in the area, I pumped there." -- Noelle M. 

  • Line Up

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    "I pumped on a toilet in a bathroom with only two stalls in the Piers in New York City on a buying trip. HUGE line for the bathroom!! I was just like sorry, but whatever? I have no where else to go." -- Stephanie 

  • Next to My Boss

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    "Like a lot of moms, I also pumped at work, which is not weird but my office is right next to my boss and you can hear EVERYTHING. Thankfully, he was like, 'I have three kids, I've heard that noise before.'" -- Jacklyn 

  • Supply Room

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    "When I worked after baby number one, I had to pump in the main office printing and office supply room. People would come into the office area to register for community education classes or other things. 

    The wall was not soundproof in the least and when people would print, I would have to slide the papers under the door, even when I asked before pumping." -- Liz

  • Marathon Mom

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    "I ran a marathon (slowly!) about six months after baby #3. I arranged with my husband to meet me at mile 20 and I pumped with a manual pump for about five minutes, sitting on the curb as runners ran past me.

    It felt good to rest for a few minutes and to relieve the pressure in my breasts. I did get some crazy looks though!" -- Laurie B.

  • Bonus: The Job Interview

    Image via iStock.com/sturti

    We had to incude this last tale of pumping awkwardness, because the only thing as fun as pumping in public is explaining it!

    "I have a hilarious story about a conversation with an older dude on a hiring committee about pump breaks during my interview. He had no idea what I was talking about. So awkward. I had to spell it out." -- Kate 


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