12 of the Weirdest Places We've Breastfed -- 'Cuz Babies Have to Eat!

Wendy Robinson | Sep 16, 2016 Baby

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Altogether, I've spent roughly a year of my life being the food supply for a small hungry person. Over the course of those months, I learned that when a baby is ready to eat, he or she really doesn't care where you are or whether or not it is convenient for you. 


I learned this valuable lesson in a variety of places: while shopping for groceries, while swimming at the public pool, during a bubble bath, and even while trying in vain to get my nails done for the first time in months.

Turns out it is really hard to nurse a baby AND keep your manicure from smudging.

But a baby needs to eat and so I know I'm not alone in having whipped out a breast in some places I would never have imagined in my pre-kid days! 

Read on for the crazy and true stories of the weirdest places we've ever breastfed. (#9? OMG)

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  • Happy Family

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    "One time I nursed the baby in a living room display at Ikea. My husband and 3-year-old were sitting there reading. It was like we were a normal family in our living room, just with lots of customers milling around." -- Tricia N.

  • Mooo!

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    "I live in Minnesota, home to the world's best state fair. My weirdest place? In front of the milking demonstration booth at the State Fair." -- Ellie B.

  • Have Baby, Will Travel

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     "I nursed on a pedicab in Mexico in Tulum!"-- Sarah R. 

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  • Long Wait

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    "When my second kid was a newborn, we all went to the Mall of America because Little Einsteins was having a meet and greet in the rotunda. My 3-year-old was obsessed. So we were standing in line, in the rotunda, with the line snaking back and forth, and people looking over the railings from up above while the Little Einsteins did a song and dance on the stage right in front of us. Baby got hungry so I sat down on the floor and fed him there. Not gonna lose my place in that line!" -- Trish W.

  • Democracy in Action

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    "I nursed on the concention floor at the Democratic National Convention! I was a delegate and I was not going to miss my time to have my state roll call. I have pictures of this because I felt pretty proud of myself." -- Cora J.

  • Road Warrior

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    "When my first baby was only 2 months old we drove in a van with my parents to visit my sister in Michigan. My dad refused to stop for nursing breaks because he 'wanted to make good time,' and honestly, we would have had to stop every 20 minutes or something. So I nursed her in her bucket car seat. I would unbuckle and lean over her in this super uncomfortable position, trying to shove my overly gigantic milky boob into her tiny baby mouth, while she gasped and tried to latch and constantly choked and I was overflowing and squirting milk everywhere. And I did that the whole goddamn way to Michigan. Because if I didn't, she was screaming, and everyone was like 'make her stop!'

    "So then I'd have to hoist my boob out again..." -- Ara E.

  • Little Shed

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     "Weirdest place? In a cute little garden storage shed setup at the Home and Garden Show!" -- Laura M. 

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  • Ironic

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    "There is something totally ironic and kind of awesome about the fact that I once nursed my baby at Hooters. I got some interesting looks. Look, dudes, you wanted to see boobs, right?" -- Sue T.

  • Season's Greetings!

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    "I breastfed my 1-month-old in our 2015 family Christmas card. Hubby was 'nursing' a dog and my toddler was 'nursing' a doll." -- Nicole K.

  • Stress Nursing

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    "Maybe not weird, but definitely the most random was after we were in a car accident when my twins were about 8 months old. No one was seriously hurt but our car was totaled and my twins were hysterical, I was hysterical/in shock, and the only thing that made sense to me was to nurse them, so there I was on the corner of a busy street, covered in coffee (we had just stopped at the coffee shop before we were hit) sitting on the grass tandem nursing my twins." -- Ann O.

  • Fancy!

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    "The bathroom at a super fancy restaurant. My first was a week old and there was a work gathering with a vendor. It was close to home so I stopped over briefly to show them the baby. Stayed longer than intended and he got hungry. Let me tell you -- it is not a child-friendly environment! No place to change baby either." -- Patricia P.

  • Food Court Moment

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    "When my twins were about 4 weeks old I got the courage to go to the local mall. They got hungry and this was my first time public breastfeeding. So I sat down in a chair in the center court area with a cover on. Then the mall announced everyone should come down to center court now to see some art display. I was like, are you kidding me?!" -- Courtney G.

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