12 of the Weirdest Places We've Breastfed -- 'Cuz Babies Have to Eat!

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Altogether, I've spent roughly a year of my life being the food supply for a small hungry person. Over the course of those months, I learned that when a baby is ready to eat, he or she really doesn't care where you are or whether or not it is convenient for you. 



I learned this valuable lesson in a variety of places: while shopping for groceries, while swimming at the public pool, during a bubble bath, and even while trying in vain to get my nails done for the first time in months.

Turns out it is really hard to nurse a baby AND keep your manicure from smudging.

But a baby needs to eat and so I know I'm not alone in having whipped out a breast in some places I would never have imagined in my pre-kid days! 

Read on for the crazy and true stories of the weirdest places we've ever breastfed. (#9? OMG)

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