Breathtaking Photos Capture Rainbow Baby Birth 1 Year After Heartbreaking Loss

Liz Alterman | Sep 8, 2016 Baby
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  • Nearly One Year Ago ...

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    Kristen's doctor prepares to deliver the infant the family knows will not survive. The gravity of the situation is palpable from her expression. This will not be an easy delivery for anyone in the room or on staff. 

  • A Portrait of Loss

    Images via JordanBurchPhotography

    Kristen and her husband take a moment to savor their sweet baby girl. We can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for this family to meet their daughter and say good-bye to her on the same day. 

  • Heartbreak

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    Devastating. But, it's wonderful that Jordan was able to capture these precious moments. The family will always have them to treasure the memory of the little girl who was only with them for a short while but will remain in their hearts forever.

  • Meet Harper

    Image via Jordan Burch Photography

    This beautiful rainbow baby, Harper, arrived arms outstretched, healthy, and ready to meet her adoring family. Welcome to the world, Harper -- you've already made so many people happy.

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  • Tears of Joy

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    Almost one year to the day they lost their baby girl, the family welcomed their new little one. You can see the joy on Kristen's face when she meets her new daughter. Jordan captured tears of joy on Kristen's cheeks, where her tears of sadness fell after Lily's passing. It's a wonderful new beginning for this family.

  • A Dream Come to Life

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    We can only imagine how much emotion this embrace embodied. This doctor, who delivered both Lily and Harper, clearly knows how much this means to this family. She's been there in sad times and in jubilation, representing a wonderful full-circle. 

  • Harper's Birth

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    Even as Harper is wailing, her mom looks on with love and amazement. Welcoming a child after losing one is a moment so many parents only dream of. For the Wards, it's real and beautiful. 

  • She's Here!

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    It's wonderful to see how excited big brother Cooper is to meet his new baby sister. His face is priceless. It's wonderful Jordan was there to capture it. 

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  • Shared Joy

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    This doctor's smile says it all. She looks genuinely thrilled to be an integral part of this joyous occasion. 

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  • Here, at Last

    Images via JordanBurchPhotography

    This baby has brought so much happiness to her parents, grandparents, and excited big brother. Something tells us she's going to be cherished every moment.

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  • A Beautiful Rainbow Baby

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    What a gorgeous infant! The family now seems complete and content. We're overjoyed for them!

  • Pure Bliss

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    Ah, Cooper, Harper is lucky to have you! You two look perfect together. We can only imagine the fun you'll have growing up together. 

  • Harper's Protector

    Images via Jordan Burch Photography

    Look at Cooper's sweet face, beaming with pride. You just know he's going to protect her and keep her safe. What an awesome big brother!

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