Breathtaking Photos Capture Rainbow Baby Birth 1 Year After Heartbreaking Loss

Liz Alterman | Sep 8, 2016 Baby

Kristen WardKristen Ward lost her daughter Lily just 34 minutes after she was born. Nearly one year to the day later, she welcomed her second little girl, Harper. Both births were captured by Jordan Burch Photography, and the images beautifully illustrate the extreme sadness and pure joy this mom has experienced. 

Losing a child is something no parent should ever have to live through. While the couple knew mid-pregnancy Lily wouldn't survive due to a terminal illness, the decision was made to see the pregnancy to fruition. Though it was believed their baby wouldn't live through the delivery, she survived for 34 glorious minutes, allowing her parents time to hold and love her.

Also, deeply saddened by the loss was big brother Cooper, a kindergartner, who wasn't told the baby wouldn't be coming home with the family until after she was born. The brave boy told his teacher the following day that his new sister was "in heaven." 

While any birth is an awe-inspiring event, knowing and seeing the devastating loss this family survived makes these images that much sweeter. 



Images via Jordan Burch Photography

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