13 Too-Real Tweets About Teething (Because It's Laugh ... or Cry!)

Liz Alterman | Mar 31, 2019 Baby
13 Too-Real Tweets About Teething (Because It's Laugh ... or Cry!)

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Teething is no picnic for babies or their poor parents. The endless crying, the drooling like a litter of Saint Bernards, the sleepless nights -- they all add up to an unpleasant period most of us would like to forget. But, if you're in it, you know there's no ignoring it. Some fellow parents took to Twitter to share their pain and elicit a few laughs and a little sympathy from other moms and dads who are stuck in the same boat. 

Think of these Tweets as the ultimate misery-loves-company fest. Have a laugh while remembering that this stage will pass -- eventually. 

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  • Amen to That


    Any parent who's been kept awake by a screaming baby can't help but echo this dad's sentiments. It's truly the worst -- for all involved!

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  • Don't Do It


    Oh, we've all been there! It feels like the days and nights are torture when you have to see your little one in pure anguish. You look at that sweet, slobbery face, and will that little tooth to emerge. When it does, it's not a moment too soon!

  • Don't Play


    That face is priceless! This poor little girl. You can tell she's uncomfortable, but we love that she's still stylish! And what a cool uncle, trying to make her smile despite her pain. You go, Uncle Ryry!

  • So True


    Whether you work outside the home or take care of the kids all day, it's not easy when you haven't logged more than 45 minutes of straight sleep in a week. Wouldn't it be awesome if all those teeth came in at once? 

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  • Boss of the Year


    Wow, talk about an understanding boss! Something tells us maybe he or she also just went through this challenging phase not too long ago. Not that you ever forget the horrors of teething, right?  

  • A Natural Form of Birth Control


    If you've been on the fence about parenthood, hanging out with a teething baby will help you come to a conclusion against it pretty darn quickly. This stage is right up there with the terrible twos -- just sayin'.

  • Oh, Those Sleepless Nights


    Teething can bring out the saracasm in even the cheeriest person. By the time that first tooth comes in, you're already dreading the next. At least you can always commiserating with other parents. (We're trying to find a bright side.) 

  • So Ironic


    Once you get that teething baby quiet, you will tiptoe for the rest of the day, forgo phone calls -- and even television -- if it means your little one slumbers peacefully. This chirping alarm is like the universe laughing at you. It's not funny, universe! 

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  • When Traditional Chew Toys Won't Do


    Oh, these poor babies! They'll bite anything in their path if it means a moment's relief. We love that this little guy is like, "Who needs a teething ring when you've got these delicious toes?"

  • This May Be Your Only Child


    Yes, teething will definitely make you reconsider your plans to expand your family. The thought of having to live through it all over again with another child is even enough to make you ditch your partner and sleep in the basement!

  • What If It's Not His Teeth?


    Plenty of parents, in the throes of the teething stage, have wondered if maybe their loveable baby hasn't suddenly been posesseed by Satan. What if it's not the teeth and your infant is just really, really mad? Or, you start to panic, what if it's something else entirely? Your mind reels from lack of sleep. Don't worry, this too shall pass. 

  • Oh, That Face!


    This face really sums it up, doesn't it? The discomfort is palpable! Your heart breaks for a little one in this much pain. 

  • Middle-of-the-Night Tricks


    LOL. We don't mean to laugh at this poor mom, but we know exactly what she's going through. You'll sing, you'll dance, you'll even perform a puppet show if it'll keep your teething child from screaming all night long. Whatever works, right? 

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