11 Surrogate Birth Photos That Illustrate a True Labor of Love

Giving birth is an awe-inspiring, amazing miracle. Women sacrifice their own bodies and comfort in order to make a baby. But to undertake nine months of pregnancy and deliver a child in order make other people into parents is truly a labor of love and a gift. Photographer Genevieve Georget of Fifteen: Fifty-One shot gorgeous images that tell a much larger story in these absolutely breathtaking surrogate birth photos that are truly a must-see.


Some times a surrogate is a family member or a close friend of the family. Other times they're a complete stranger at the start of the journey together, but throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy the bond between a surrogate and parents can become so close it's as if they're family, no matter how far apart on the globe they are.

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Hilde and Christian traveled all the way from Norway to Canada to be with their surrogate, Amy, as she gave birth. The documented the arrival of their child with the help of a birth photographer so their little one will always remember the special person who carried them before they were born. These photos are a great example of the amazing bond and immense love that can form between all present as they await this precious arrival. 


Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

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