11 Surrogate Birth Photos That Illustrate a True Labor of Love

Liz Alterman | Aug 4, 2016 Baby
11 Surrogate Birth Photos That Illustrate a True Labor of Love

Giving birth is an awe-inspiring, amazing miracle. Women sacrifice their own bodies and comfort in order to make a baby. But to undertake nine months of pregnancy and deliver a child in order make other people into parents is truly a labor of love and a gift. Photographer Genevieve Georget of Fifteen: Fifty-One shot gorgeous images that tell a much larger story in these absolutely breathtaking surrogate birth photos that are truly a must-see.

Some times a surrogate is a family member or a close friend of the family. Other times they're a complete stranger at the start of the journey together, but throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy the bond between a surrogate and parents can become so close it's as if they're family, no matter how far apart on the globe they are.

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Hilde and Christian traveled all the way from Norway to Canada to be with their surrogate, Amy, as she gave birth. The documented the arrival of their child with the help of a birth photographer so their little one will always remember the special person who carried them before they were born. These photos are a great example of the amazing bond and immense love that can form between all present as they await this precious arrival. 


Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

  • In Labor

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Amy is in the throes of labor. It won't be long now before this family meets their new little one. It's hard enough to be in labor without knowing a couple is counting on you. We feel for this woman who is sharing everything for this moment.

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  • Hilde Awaits the Birth

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Mom Hilde arrives ready to meet her baby. We can only imagine the excitement and anxiety she must be feeling. Nine months is such a long time to wait, especially for someone who's struggled and longed to be a mom.

  • Christian Already Looks Like a Proud Dad

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Christian expectantly awaits the arrival of his little one. He can't help but grin as he prepares for this whole journey to unfold. His world will never be the same again and he can't wait for it to begin.

  • Baby Julie Arrives

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Baby Julie arrives with her arms outstretched ready to greet everyone who's waited nine months (and longer, no doubt) to meet her. Just perfect. Look at her mouth wide open. What a priceless shot!

  • A Powerful Embrace

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Hilde's expression says so much. She seems to be in disbelief. The moment she's been waiting for is here. The new mom is flooded with emotion, and photographer Gen captures it all beautifully.

  • An Up-Close Peek

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Dad and Amy share a look at Julie who is so new and tiny. Though we can't see their faces, we're sure they're in awe of this small wonder they all brought into the world together. 

  • Dad Gets a Hug

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Dad and the woman who made it all possible share an embrace. You can feel his gratitude; it's palpable. 

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  • A First Cuddle

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Fresh out of the womb, Hilde gets an opportunity to hold her new daughter. The intimacy of this shot is so beautiful. The surrogate looks on. What an exquisite, precious gift. 

  • Mom & Surrogate Share an Embrace

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    You can see the genuine affection these women have for one another. While we don't know the entire story of what led to the surrogate carrying this infant, you can feel their connection through the photo. Amazing.

  • Thrilled Mom

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Something tells us it's going to be a good long while before anyone puts this adorable newborn down! Hilde looks like a natural! Her smile is pure joy.

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  • The Whole Family Unites

    Image via Genevieve Georget/fifteenfiftyone.ca

    Baby Julie's arrival brought this whole family together. What an amazing celebration of life and love. Welcome to the world, Julie -- you've got an awful lot of people who adore you already.

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