Olive Garden Waiter Feeds Baby So Mom Can Eat Dinner & Our Faith Is Restored

olive garden waiter feeds infantAmid all the tragedies happening around the world, we are finally happy to see a positive story get some attention. When exhausted Arkansas mom Dallas French was having a rough day, her Olive Garden waiter stepped up to the plate and gave her baby a bottle so that Mom could catch her breath and eat her dinner. Her Facebook post about how her waiter's love and understanding came at just the right time has gone viral, getting this good deed the attention it deserves.


As this mom explains, she'd just come from the hospital after having tests run on her precious little one. While she doesn't allude to her daughter's condition, as any parent knows, any time you take an infant for testing, it's stressful. Heck, sometimes just taking them for a regular checkup can be harrowing. 

Fortunately, this lady hit the jackpot when she was seated in this caring waiter's section. Look at this photo -- this guy's a pro! 

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To this waiter, this gesture may have seemed like a small thing, but to this mom, it was huge, as her words of gratitude reflect: 

He fed her I ate my salad and bread sticks and that milk on the floor got cleaned up after we left because he just understood! He didn't even know what we had went through that day and showed us love an understanding- not irritated that I had made a mess an my baby was screaming... Gosh I wish I woulda got his name because he deserves the recognition!!

He certainly does! 

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Let this good news serve as a reminder that helping a harried mom can mean far more than we'll ever know. The next time you see a mom pushing a double stroller and trying to get into a store, hold the door for her. Pick up and hand her the favorite stuffed toy or shoe her tot just dropped while she was grocery shopping or wrangling another child. If you don't, she may just spend the rest of the day looking for it. (Been there!) Or, if those are too much for you, just refrain from giving her side-eye if her fussy toddler is seated beside you.

Going out of your way, like this waiter did, can make all the difference in someone else's day. We're grateful to him for this reminder. 


Image via Dallas French/Facebook

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