14 LOL-Worthy Breastfeeding Tweets That Every Nursing Mom Can Relate To

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Breastfeeding, like many aspects of parenting, is great and rewarding and perfectly natural -- but, also like many aspects of parenting, it's hard and frustrating and sometimes awkward. That's why breastfeeding humor is solid gold for an exhausted mom's sanity: Better to laugh than cry! And best of all to tweet about it, because that means other exhausted moms the world over get to be in on the joke.


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There is a weird mythology around breastfeeding that makes it seem like a pure and perfect act, but the truth is -- breastfeeding can be weird af. From a baby pulling on mom's breast like it's running away from a bear, to the weird way we're always hungry when we are nursing, or even the fact that we can't get tattoos when we are nursing! Nursing has so many rules and it brings out some weirder moments of parenting. Nobody told us that breastfeeding was hilarious! 

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Click through our slideshow of humorous breastfeeding-related tweets, perfect for the moms who are feeling the need for some extremely relatable funny business. (If a mama can read these while she's actually nursing, all the better!)

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