14 LOL-Worthy Breastfeeding Tweets That Every Nursing Mom Can Relate To

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Aug 19, 2016 Baby

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Breastfeeding, like many aspects of parenting, is great and rewarding and perfectly natural -- but, also like many aspects of parenting, it's hard and frustrating and sometimes awkward. That's why breastfeeding humor is solid gold for an exhausted mom's sanity: Better to laugh than cry! And best of all to tweet about it, because that means other exhausted moms the world over get to be in on the joke.

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There is a weird mythology around breastfeeding that makes it seem like a pure and perfect act, but the truth is -- breastfeeding can be weird af. From a baby pulling on mom's breast like it's running away from a bear, to the weird way we're always hungry when we are nursing, or even the fact that we can't get tattoos when we are nursing! Nursing has so many rules and it brings out some weirder moments of parenting. Nobody told us that breastfeeding was hilarious! 

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Click through our slideshow of humorous breastfeeding-related tweets, perfect for the moms who are feeling the need for some extremely relatable funny business. (If a mama can read these while she's actually nursing, all the better!)

Image via iStock.com/Steve Debenport

  • Binge-Watching for the Win


    One of the best things about breastfeeding is that it forces you to sit in one place and get nothing done for significant chunks of the day (also one of the most frustrating things, but that's another story). Thankfully Netflix is there to make those hours of nursing fly by! Now, when does the next season of OITNB start again??

  • Your Milkshake Brings All the Babies to the Yard


    Seriously, who do these babies think they are with all the mid-feed boob-smacking?? If farmers milked a cow like this, they'd get a swift kick to the head!

  • Baby Blues


    Babies are such moody little creatures -- but if there's one thing nursing mamas know for sure, it's that breastfeeding calms the savage beast! 

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  • Out of the Mouths of Babes


    Sometimes it takes a kid to speak the truth no adult would dare utter: Okay, yeah, breastfeeding is HARD. (But great!)

  • Make Breastfeeding Great Again


    Truth! Despite what certain politicians might think, there is nothing sexual -- or "disgusting" -- about breastfeeding.

  • Ink Dreams


    Breastfeeding might mean certain things are temporarily off-limits, but that doesn't mean a mom has to stop dreaming about post-weaning adventures!

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  • Down With Double Standards


    Seriously, why exactly is one acceptable and the other not? It's about time for this ridiculous, nipple-fearing double standard to change!

  • Lick It Up


    Hey, a mom's gotta eat too. Plus, it's not like your baby's head is dirty or anything (unless you count that salad dressing you haven't licked off yet). 

  • Rubber Soul


    Talk about a stretch! Boobs are sadly not designed to accomodate your baby's nursing acrobatics, but that sure won't stop him from trying.

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  • Wonder Woman


    Yasss, queen! Other superpowers we'd like to have: temporarily stopping time so we could sneak in a nap; the ability to make babies take a nap with the power of our minds.

  • Sour Milk


    There's nothing quite so bizarre (or unappetizing) as noticing the side effects of your lunch in your baby's diaper a few hours later. (Other foods with major "staying" power: brussels sprouts, broccoli, onions.)

  • Mega Metabolism


    They say breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories per day. In our experience, that translates into an insatiable appetite for pretty much anything that looks like a cupcake, donut, or entire batch of brownies (eaten with a fork).

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  • What a Sag


    This one is almost too painfully true to be funny. Except we're laughing so hard (not crying! Nobody's crying here!).

  • Thanks, Mansplainers!


    Celeb chef Jamie Oliver got himself in some serious hot water with moms everywhere (including Adele!) when he called breastfeeding "easy," "convenient," and "better" than bottlefeeding. Oh, because you have so much personal experience nursing an infant, right, Jamie??