Working & Breastfeeding: 11 Smart Tips for Pumping Moms

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When both of my children were born, I was totally committed to trying to breastfeed for at least a year. And both times, I developed great nursing relationships with my babies and was a pumping champion ... until I went back to work. 


There was something about making the transition from maternity leave to work, and trying to pump in my office (complete with non-locking door!), that turned me from a productive pumper to a breastfeeding quitter.

I wish I'd been able to make a better go of breastfeeding and working. That seems to be a common anthem among moms, so I was curious to hear from women who were able to make it happen.

From tips to make pumping less of a pain to advice on keeping up milk supply, these totally doable ideas can help any working mom who wants to keep the breast milk flowing.


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