The 9 Harrowing Stages of Teething Every Mom Experiences

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If you have a teething baby on your hands, you have our sympathy. It's a real emotional roller coaster until that new tooth emerges. At first, you may be relieved that your baby isn't possessed by an evil demon, but your relief quickly dissipates when you're up all night listening to baby rage as a result of those sore gums. 


The following are the stages parents (oh, and baby) go through waiting for those precious pearly whites to break on through.

1. Everything goes in the mouth.

It's cute at first. Look how baby will chomp on anything!

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2. The ear-piercing shrieking begins ...

... and it never seems to stop.

3. You go in search of remedies.

You'll spend whatever it takes to find the perfect teething toy to soothe baby's aching gums.

4. Alas, relief is not in sight.

Those toys only work for second.

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5. Other (grosser) symptoms emerge.

The drooling ... the diarrhea ... When will this end??

6. Your evenings are endless (and not in a good way).

Oh, the sleepless nights! Just when you think baby's resting ... the crying begins all over again.  

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7. You're about to give up and move back in with your parents.

You honesty don't know how you'll make it through one more day ...

8. The moment finally arrives.

Just when you think maybe you weren't cut out for parenthood after all, that beautiful tooth emerges! The demon that possessed your sweet baby is gone. 

9. Two weeks later ... it begins again!


Wait, how many teeth does a human need?!?

Believe us, we feel your pain!


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