14 Amazing Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Wherever & Whenever They Want

Caroline Olney | Jul 14, 2016 Baby
14 Amazing Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Wherever & Whenever They Want

Can you even imagine living in a world where you could breastfeed anywhere and that was totally cool and no one yelled at you or made you feel gross? God, we can't. Yet. But we do feel like we're getting closer to that kind of utopia, and we really only have one group of people to thank: the moms who are out there (like OUT THERE out there) breastfeeding wherever they want without worrying if the world isn't ready to give them the okay.

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From moms who nurse on the beach to the ones who have to quickly pull off their shirts for a mid-hike snack, these mothers are fearless when and where they nurse. And why shouldn't they be? Breastfeeding is completely normal, and no one should be afraid to do it in public. No matter what the haters say.

These are the moms who are going to make a more breastfeeding-friendly world that we can all use, and we can't thank them enough. But we can gaze at their pretty faces and pretend we were as cool or as strong as them ... so that's what we'll do.

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Take a look at these 14 amazing breastfeeding mamas and try not to be inspired!

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