Diaper Rash: When to Call the Doctor

mom and baby with pediatrician

Every parent of a baby or toddler will deal with a diaper rash at one point or another. Most heal in a few days if you use a hypoallergenic Diaper Rash Cream like the one from Aquaphor Baby and follow our tips on how to treat a Diaper Rash (link to article).  But what happens when the rash gets worse at every diaper change and does not go away? Here are five signs indicating you should call your child’s doctor:


1)    If your child has open sores, raised red bumps, or blisters in the diaper area.
2)    If the skin is oozing or bleeding.
3)    If the rash spreads beyond the diaper area to the arms or face.
4)    If your baby develops a fever, which can indicate an infection.
5)    If the rash does not start to improve in two to three days, but rather seems to be worsening.

Many parents are hesitant to call their pediatrician for “just a diaper rash,” but trust your gut. If your child is in pain or if you are concerned, a simple phone call can go a long way to allaying your fears and providing comfort to your child.

When have you had to call the doctor about diaper rash?

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