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21 Adorable Ways to Put Your Baby's Name on It

Baby Ysolt Usigan Jul 22, 2016

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How obsessed are you with that name?! It's so cute, you want to brand everything of Baby's with it! From full names to monograms, these personalized baby items make perfect gifts for the babies in your life ... especially yours.

Click through our slideshow to see our roundup of super cute and fun ways to personalize your baby's clothes, toys, and dishes -- whether with her entire name, or his initials. 

21 personalization ideas

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1Grow With Greatness

Instead of marking up your pristine wall with your little one’s height progress, get a Personalized Growth Chart ($49-$69 at landofnod.com) that is also the perfect addition to his or her nursery. When baby is no longer a baby, simply remove from the wall, frame, and showcase as a keepsake.

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2Branded Bib

Leave a set or two of these Personalized Bib and Burp Cloth Sets ($30-$38, personalizedblankets.com) at your baby's daycare. They'll never confuse his or her stuff with any other kid's.

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4Golden Globes

Choose from giraffe or elephant, and from two different fonts to personalize your baby’s very first Snowglobe ($48 with personalization, potterybarnkids.com). The globe’s gold accents will make any nursery instantly lovely.

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5Signature Seating

Baby might not be able to sit up just yet, but get ready! These adorable Entry Level Nod Chairs ($79-$88, landofnod.com) will make all of the other kids (and moms) jealous. Their unique color combos and designs are sure to wow playmates and grownups alike.

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6Puzzle Pieces

Teach baby his or her name with this custom-made Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle ($26.95+ based on the number of letters at tinyme.com). Showcase as many as 11 letters. Let’s hope your baby’s name isn’t longer than that!

Image via monicaandandy.com

8Stamped Swaddle

The perfect keepsake to remember baby’s homecoming, splurge on a personalized Organic Luxury Muslin Always Blanket ($65 at monicaandandy.com) that will make your lovebug feel snug and comfortable. Showcase the swaddle during baby’s first photoshoot for an Instagram-worthy baby announcement.

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10Personalize Your Pacifier

Never confuse your baby's pacifier with any other baby's with a Bobo Buddy Pacifier Holder ($18.74, personalcreations.com). When your kid grows out of his or her pacifier stage, use the holders as plush toys to play with during car rides.

Image via personalizationmall.com

11Wonderful Onesie

Sure, your baby wears onesies every single day, but for the next special occasion, go for one with baby’s name on it! With this Personalized Baby Bodysuit ($14.95, personalizationmall.com), there are several designs to choose from. This girly one is my personal fave for my little Lucy. They also have adorable baby caps.

Image via tinyme.com

12Labeled Lunching

Your little one's lunch won't ever get confused with someone else's with this personalized lunch bag ($32, tinyme.com). Choose from several designs for the label and colors for the bag (in blue, red, or pink).

Image via etsy.com

14Your Family

So this won't actually have baby's name on it, but what's cooler than a custom-made Personalized Paper Doll Set ($35+ at etsy.com) for baby to play with when he or she is old enough, that looks like your entire family?! 

Image via beau-coup.com

15For the Party

Planning a "sip and see" to introduce baby to friends and family? I love this party favor / personalized baby shower stemless wine glasses (price varies based on quantity ordered, beau-coup.com). Choose from several colors and designs.

Image via opensky.com

16Coolest Kicks

Your baby’s chucks are going to look way cooler than yours! Select from various colors. After you make your purchase of Personalized Kids Converse Chuck Taylors ($90, opensky.com), they’ll contact you to get the personalization details.

Image via personalcreations.com

17Family Fun

What better way to teach baby his or her name (and the rest of the family’s) than this unique Fun Family History Throw Pillow ($34.99, personalcreations.com) that showcases names and special dates?

19Food for Thought

Before you know it, your little one will be eating solids. Get ready for that special moment with this adorable Personalized Mealtime Set (prices vary based on setting at sarahandabraham.com) from Sarah + Abraham. You can even design it to look just like your girl or boy.

Image via beau-coup.com

21Little Lion

So okay, a personalized baby bath robe ($45.95, beau-coup.com) may seem a little frivolous -- but when they’re this cute, you’re going to want to save it forever. Instead of putting baby's first name on it, use your last name so you can pass it on for generations to come -- or at least for your next baby, should there be another!

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