15 Adorable Babies Who Are Winning the #CheerioChallenge (& Don't Even Know It)

Cheerio Challenge

When babies finally (finally!) fall asleep, most parents use that naptime to catch up on emails or fold laundry (or maybe sneak in a little snooze of their own). Not so for the parents participating in the #CheerioChallenge, the latest silly Internet stunt involving food and cute kids to go viral. The premise is simple -- stack Cheerios on your sleeping kid -- and the results are adorable (and slightly bizarre!). 


The brainchild of Patrick Quinn, founder of dad-centric social network Life of Dad, the #CheerioChallenge is proof that parents (particularly dads!) never tire of finding ways to make the sometimes tedious tasks associated with raising kids a little more entertaining -- and to think, all you need is a box of cereal in the pantry to join the fun!

Well, that and a kid who's a heavy sleeper. Check out our slideshow for inspiration!


Image via Life of Dad/Facebook

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