15 Adorable Babies Who Are Winning the #CheerioChallenge (& Don't Even Know It)

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Jun 22, 2016 Baby
15 Adorable Babies Who Are Winning the #CheerioChallenge (& Don't Even Know It)

Cheerio Challenge

When babies finally (finally!) fall asleep, most parents use that naptime to catch up on emails or fold laundry (or maybe sneak in a little snooze of their own). Not so for the parents participating in the #CheerioChallenge, the latest silly Internet stunt involving food and cute kids to go viral. The premise is simple -- stack Cheerios on your sleeping kid -- and the results are adorable (and slightly bizarre!). 

The brainchild of Patrick Quinn, founder of dad-centric social network Life of Dad, the #CheerioChallenge is proof that parents (particularly dads!) never tire of finding ways to make the sometimes tedious tasks associated with raising kids a little more entertaining -- and to think, all you need is a box of cereal in the pantry to join the fun!

Well, that and a kid who's a heavy sleeper. Check out our slideshow for inspiration!


Image via Life of Dad/Facebook

  • Binky Bonus


    Impressive! The question remains, of course: If the pacifier falls out, does the cereal tower tumble? Since this dad snapped a pic for preservation, it doesn't really matter! 

  • Cheaper by the Dozen


    Happy birthday, little Cheerios unicorn! This 12-Cheerio tribute is a lot more fun than just holding up a sign that says "1 year," right? Not to mention a lot more edible!

  • Feeling Blue


    If you happen to have some colorful fruit-flavored cereal on hand, this is a colorful twist on the original challenge. (Just in case you're a parent who likes to make sure your goofy Internet challenges are perfectly art-directed.)

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  • Four Score


    Because, let's face it, one stack of Cheerios on a sleeping kid is simply not enough ... not when you can build a whole village of Cheerio towers!

  • By the Horns


    If she isn't the cutest, most delicious-looking little dinosaur you've ever seen ... well, she is. She IS the cutest, most delicious-looking little dinosaur you've ever seen. 

  • Overachiever


    Now that's what we call a stack of Cheerios on a sleeping boy's face! Maybe this dad should try a house of cards next.

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  • Nose Job


    Sure, it's not the tallest Cheerio tower in this slideshow. But how cute is that nose?!? (Even without the Cheerios.)

  • Shape Shifter


    No Cheerios? No problem! Any old cereal will do! Well, maybe not Raisin Bran. (And definitely not Cocoa Puffs.)

  • Double Trouble


    Here's a sneaky way to master the Dozen Cheerios Stack: Break it up into two towers of six!

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  • Pyramid Scheme


    Your baby doesn't even have to be born yet to do the Cheerio Challenge! Breakfast foods belong on bumps, too.

  • Twice as Nice


    Look-alike Cheerio piles for look-alike babies. Maybe a different amount on each twin would make it easier to tell them apart?

  • Lip Service


    This baby moustache you a question: Whaddya think of his Cheerios?

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  • Too Good to Be True?


    Hmmm, call me a skeptic -- but I'm not sure there wasn't a hot glue gun involved in this particular pic. I mean, really?!

  • Leaning Tower


    This baby's just like "Yeah! Got a big old stack of Cheerios coming straight outta my head!!"

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