11 Things Babysitters Wish They Could Tell Parents

Wendy Robinson | Jun 15, 2016 Baby
11 Things Babysitters Wish They Could Tell Parents

babysitterOnce upon a time, before I had kids of my own, I made a living hanging out with other people's kids. I was a champion babysitter with a full roster of families and Friday nights that were booked months in advance. I babysat my way through high school and college, and let me explain something: I knew A LOT about the families that I sat for. What can I say, I spent a lot of unsupervised time in strangers' houses while waiting for them to come home from their movie dates.

When one thinks about it, babysitting is a surprisingly intimate experience. A sitter is in someone's home for hours at a time, taking care of the smallest members of the family and seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

It might seem like a babysitter isn't paying attention to much past the kids and her cell phone, but after talking to a group of teen and college-age babysitters, I was surprised at just how observant they really are and how much about the lives of the families they work for they know. Turns out little kids are REALLY willing to spill the beans to the 15-year-old from down the street.

Read on to find out what secrets babysitters know and what they wish they could tell parents. Moms and dads might find themselves with a whole new level of respect for the person who makes their date night possible.

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  • I Can See Your Internet History


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    "I babysit for this one family, and they are super nice. They don't have a TV but they let me use the laptop to show the kids movies. I just wish they knew that they should clear the browser history before letting someone else use the computer. I feel like I know WAY too much about what kind of porn they are into." -- S.W.

  • Your Kids Are Lazy Slobs!


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    "Dear XX family: You are letting your kids get away with being too lazy! Their rooms are a mess and they never do any chores. Trust me, I babysit for other families with kids the same age and those kids are expected to pick up after themselves. You need to step up your expectations for your kids. Also? I think I saw a mouse." -- V.E.

  • Your Child Needs You


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    "I have one family [I babysit for], and I wish they could see how much their daughter needs her parents. She is an only child, and SO SWEET, and the parents both work busy jobs, and they hire me a lot for evening and weekend work events. She goes to bed a lot of nights without seeing them and I think she's getting depressed. I wish they could see that she needs more of their time." -- B.D.

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  • You Need More Date Nights


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    "The family that I part-time nanny for while I finish up school also uses me for date nights. Or barely uses me, actually. I would like to tell them that they need more date nights! They have four kids, and I know that things get crazy with school stuff and work stuff and soccer but I totally think they need to go on date nights more than once every six months!" -- P.L.

  • Your Kids Are Totally Spoiled


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    "I wish that one of my families knew how spoiled their kids were. It isn't even fun to babysit them because they don't know how to play. They just know how to use all their smartphone and iPads. I'm 17 and I don't have a phone as nice as their 10-year-old has. That is messed up!" -- E.L.

  • You Are Great


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    "I would never tell them this because I don't want to seem like a creeper or whatever, but this one family represents my relationship goals. They just seem so happy and super into each other and their kid is funny and sweet. They are just the best. I hope they always stay so happy." -- K.I.

  • Don't Worry So Much


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    "I'm just about finished up with my degree in child development, so sometimes I have a lot of advice I'd like to give to my babysitting families, but I also know that I'm 21 and they probably don't want to hear it from me!

    There is a family with two girls who fight ALL THE TIME and I know the mom totally worries that they're, like, psychopaths or something, but I think they're really pretty normal for their ages. I'd tell her to worry less about it." -- H.D.

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  • Put Down Your Phone!


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    "Stop texting me so much! Just enjoy your night out and stop checking in. The kids and I are chilling; we're fine. You don't need to text every 20 minutes for an update. I swear I'll call you if there is a problem. Trust me." -- C.P.

  • You Don't Need Me Anymore


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    "I've been babysitting for a family since I was 13. I'm 22 now and I need to break up with them. They really don't need me anymore! Their son is 14 now. It is getting weird babysitting someone who also wants to follow me on Instagram and send me Snapchats. We had a good run but she needs to know that her kids aren't little anymore!" -- A.C.

  • You're Making Me Uncomfortable


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    "I'd never ever do it, but sometimes I want to tell this one couple that it seems like they aren't very happy together. I think the dad has a crush on me. He sends me texts sometimes after he drops me off. It is weird and I don't want to sit for them much longer. The energy is weird." -- K.J.

  • I Love Your Kids


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    "I'd tell Kate that I love her kids and that they're my favorite to babysit for. I babysit for the money, since I'm saving for college, but I also really like hanging with the kids. I could do some other job but I chose to do this." -- E.R.


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