11 Things Babysitters Wish They Could Tell Parents

babysitterOnce upon a time, before I had kids of my own, I made a living hanging out with other people's kids. I was a champion babysitter with a full roster of families and Friday nights that were booked months in advance. I babysat my way through high school and college, and let me explain something: I knew A LOT about the families that I sat for. What can I say, I spent a lot of unsupervised time in strangers' houses while waiting for them to come home from their movie dates.


When one thinks about it, babysitting is a surprisingly intimate experience. A sitter is in someone's home for hours at a time, taking care of the smallest members of the family and seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

It might seem like a babysitter isn't paying attention to much past the kids and her cell phone, but after talking to a group of teen and college-age babysitters, I was surprised at just how observant they really are and how much about the lives of the families they work for they know. Turns out little kids are REALLY willing to spill the beans to the 15-year-old from down the street.

Read on to find out what secrets babysitters know and what they wish they could tell parents. Moms and dads might find themselves with a whole new level of respect for the person who makes their date night possible.

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