8 Hilarious Baby Faces That Prove It's Not Always Love at First Bite (GIFS)

baby making faces while eatingIs there anything funnier than seeing a baby react to a new food? Whether it's sweet or sour, cold or hot, babies typically make some hilarious faces as they taste something for the very first time.


Take a look at these little guys. Even though it looks as if they're being tortured, you can't help but smile when you see their adorable grimacing and head-shaking. And, surprisingly, many go back for seconds!

This looks like a harmless cracker, so why is this little lady so skeptical?

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"I kind of hate this, but on second thought I'll have some more!"

So dramatic!

Don't you love how this little one looks into the camera as if to say, "What the heck was that?"

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It's okay, honey, pickles are an acquired taste.

Dude, wait!! That's a lemon!

He'll come around to avocado once he tries it as guacamole.

This one is having none of it -- though based on those adorable arms, we'd say the baby is thriving!

Well, good for these little guys for trying something new -- even if the initial reaction wasn't love at first bite!


Image via iStock.com/Jodi Jacobson

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