15 Breastfeeding Must-Haves for Moms Headed Back to the Office

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Once a woman has a child, all she wants to do is spend as much time with her newborn as possible. (And catch up on sleep, of course.) Sadly, most new moms who work outside the home don't have access to adequate parental leave, and as a result, they have to head back to the office sooner rather than later. Thankfully, there are products out there for nursing mamas on the go that help make breastfeeding a reality. Here are some pumping-related accessories working moms will likely need.

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Breastfeeding in public can be really, really tricky, especially if a mom is at work and needs to discreetly pump before heading back from lunch. Luckily we live in the 21st century and there are many new products out there for the woman who has to pump on the go or needs a little work survival kit to get through her 9-to-5. And some of them aren't even that expensive. We've found some of our favorite breast-pumping tools that we know are going to change the lives of many mamas out there. Because nothing is worse than when a mom needs to pump and realizes she doesn't have the proper equipment.

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 Read on to see which must-haves should be included in any breast-pumping kits! 

15 Breastfeeding Moms Must-haves

  • (Electric) Breast Pump


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    Well, if you want to pump your milk outside the home, you're kinda going to need a Breast Pump ($122, amazon.com), preferably one that's electric -- so your hands aren't working on the double at work.

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  • Travel Breastpump Kit


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    In addition to your trusty breast pump, you're also going to need some Breast Pump Travel Accessories ($55, amazon.com). Depending on the breast pump you have, you'll want to look for a travel kit that provides items like extra pump spare parts (membranes, tubing, and breast shields), breast milk bottles, a frozen ice pack, and milk cooler.

  • Photo of Baby


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    While this isn't "technically" a breastfeeding accessory (it depends on who you speak to), all working mamas need a photo of their child to keep at work. Whether you have one printed to put in a picture frame or look to your phone's endless archive, a visual reminder of why you started your breastfeeding journey just might help your milk supply.

  • Back to Work Survival Kit


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    Leave it to an awesome mom to make a product that helps working mommies. Courtney Uyeshiro is a certified lactation educator who created Milk It, a series of products that make pumping while working a reality. The Milk It Back to Work Survival Kit comes with tons of accessories Mom can use at work -- including door hanger privacy signs, "off to pump ... again" desk signs, waterproof milk labels, and pump bag tags.

  • Pumping Bra


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    Working moms will likely need a go-to bra that makes pumping hands free in the office a reality. You can stock up on your favorite booby undergarments, or choose a Pumping Bra Kit ($15, amazon.com) you can use without constantly throwing it into the laundry.

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  • Working Breastfeeding Mom's Survival Guide


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    Trying to keep up with your child's breastfeeding demands while at work can be a true struggle. Please know you're not alone. Jessica Shortall is the author of Work. Pump. Repeat.: The New Mom's Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work ($14, amazon.com) that provides everything from hacks to creating a pumping schedule that works.

  • Nursing/Pumping Cover


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    Should you happen to desire a bit of privacy on the job -- that doesn't include ducking into a bathroom every so often -- you might want to bring a nursing cover into your cubicle. The Nursing Scarf ($19, amazon.com) is an example of stylish alternatives available that help conceal your nursing endeavors.

  • Water Bottle


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    Drinking water is always a good idea, especially when it comes to keeping up with breastfeeding demands. This is why you're going to need a go-to water bottle ($13, amazon.com) you can fill and fill again on the job.

  • Nursing/Pumping Tank


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    Sure, there are fashion staples for the workplace, but when you're a new mom, one you need to have is a Nursing Tank ($48, amazon.com) that will save both time and energy when trying to pump. Pair it with your favorite suit, or go casual with a more relaxed statement.

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  • Breast Pump Car Adaptor


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    Some of us take multitasking to new levels -- including trying to express milk while driving. Should you ever happen to find yourself stuck in a traffic jam, or with a few moments of free time on your hands, consider purchasing a Breast Pump Car Adaptor ($17, amazon.com) to express in your vehicle.

  • Music (& Earphones)


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    A little good music on the job never hurt anyone. Whether it helps you block out noise or stay productive, don't forget to add your music player and earphones on your list of breastfeeding accessory must-haves. When the beat drops, keep on pumping, mama.

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  • Nursing Dress


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    Didn't you know there was such a thing as a Nursing Dress ($49, milkandbaby.com)? (Yeah, they're pretty awesome.) Stump your coworkers with a dress that makes pumping time discreet and more effortless.

  • Leaking Breast Milk Collector


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    Nothing can upset a new mom quite like wasted breast milk. Luckily, there's Milkies Milk-Saver ($27.95, mymilkies.com) that allows breastfeeding mothers to collect leaking breast milk you can store and use for later.

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  • Supplements to Stimulate Milk Supply


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    Moms experience changes in their milk supply for various reasons. One way to help stimulate your breast milk is by taking a supplement. UpSpring's Milkflow powdered drink ($15, upspring.com) is just one example of an herbal option that aims to increase the liquid gold flow for moms who want to nurse.

  • (Lactation) Snacks


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    No matter if you choose to exclusively breastfeed or pump, you're going to need to amp up your food in order to keep up with your supply. Snacks like organic lactation cookies ($20, amazon.com) are a great way to get a nibble of something tasty while eating ingredients known to help increase your milk supply.

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