12 Unbearably Cute Photos of Babies Swimming Underwater

Alaisha Key | Jun 16, 2016 Baby

It's a baby takeover in photographer Seth Casteel's photo book, Underwater Babies. In this project, Casteel captures energetic, curious, and just plain adorable babies spending a little time underwater. And while he completely covers the cute factor, there's also a message behind these uber-cute photos: water safety. 

"Through advocating water safety for pets, I became aware that water safety for children was also very serious issue," Casteel shares on his website. "After watching a few infant swim classes and learning of the associated benefits, I realized I could possibly help to bring awareness to this cause through a series of joyful images."

And that is exactly what he does. 

"By creating this book, I hope to encourage and inspire parents to consider swim lessons for their children, with the ultimate goal of preventing tragedies," further explains the photographer.  

From little mermaids to scuba divers, take a look at these enchanting babies in their underwater adventures!



Image courtesy of Underwater Babies by Seth Casteel/Little, Brown and Company 

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