10 Baby Nursery Must Haves

Putting together your baby's nursery can be extremely exciting, but also a little stressful. Before my daughter was born, I remember wanting to create the perfect little sanctuary for her to learn and grown. However, I had no idea which items I actually needed. Although I wanted to make sure her nursery was fashionable, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on frivolous things. Learn how to dress your baby's nursery in style and functionality with these 10 baby nursery must haves.


1. Black-out curtains: It's totally worth it to spend money on thick curtains that will block out the sun, providing your baby with better quality sleep.

2. Rocking chair: Make sure you have a comfortable seat that you can sit in for nighttime feedings.

3. Noise maker: Nothing is worse than getting your baby to sleep only to have a loud noise wake them up. White noise is key!

4. Night light: I love using a nightlight during my daughter's nighttime feedings. A night light helps me to be able to find my way around the room without having to turn on an overhead light.

5. Plenty of blankets: We use blankets for everything at our house: swaddling, burping, tummy time, nursing, etc. Make sure you have plenty on hand.

6. Changing pad/table: Whether you choose to invest in a changing table or just use a changing pad, make sure you have a designated space where you can change your baby.

7. Baby Monitor: Video baby monitors are an absolute must. Being able to see your baby at any given moment without risking waking them up is priceless!

8. Baskets: You can never have too many baskets in your baby's nursery. I seriously use baskets to help me organize everything - clothes, books, toys, diapers, etc.

9. Mobile: I've always loved putting mobiles in my children's room. Not only do they add a splash of color, they also give the baby something to look at and reach for.

10. Air Freshener: Although newborn babies are the most precious little humans on the planet, they sure know how to stink up a nursery! There is no better way to keep your baby's nursery smelling fresh than with Renuzit® Sensitive Scents brand.

Designed for the most sensitive noses, Renuzit® Sensitive Scents air fresheners help keep your entire home (including baby's room) smelling delightful. 

What are your baby nursery must haves?

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