Time to Supplement? Get Help Choosing a Formula

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Life with a new baby is full of so many decisions. Some are pretty basic, like which adorable dress your little one should wear to meet grandma for the first time. Some are bigger, like deciding if and when you will go back to work. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you might discover that supplementing breastmilk with formula makes sense for you and your baby. Which of course means it’s time to make another big decision. How do you choose the right formula? How do you know if it will agree with her tummy? What if she doesn’t like it?


The formula aisle can be a daunting place, with so many brands and specialized types to choose from. Luckily, Similac ™ helps make the decision easier with an online Formula Finder that asks about your preferences and your baby’s sensitivities to recommend the best product for you.

And to make things even easier, Similac’s range of gentle formulas are backed by the Tummy Care Guarantee™. Which means, plain and simple, if your baby’s tummy doesn’t agree with the Similac formula you bought, you get to try another for free!

Though it’s a major decision, supplementing shouldn’t be an overwhelming one. Let Similac™ take some of the pressure off so you can put your energy into making other important decisions. Like when you’re going to take your next shower!

How did your baby transition to formula?

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