Baby Helpfully Adds Pee to This Artistic Newborn Photoshoot

Man, the best laid plans of parents hiring a professional photog to snap a beautiful moment between baby, mom, and dad. As sweet and precious and lovely and beautiful as babies are, they are also one more thing that is very important to remember: unpredictable. 


Which is why we all need to give it up to photographer Abbie Rogers, who clicked at just the correct time to capture this precious moment forever. 

So .... This happened today! In case anyone wants to know what really happens during a newborn session.

Posted by Abbie Rogers Photography on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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I can so relate to this. I mean, one of my friends can. Yeah, a friend who would be cool with my telling this story that happened to my friend's kid that will live on the Internet forever.

Anyway, my friend had just finished giving her baby a bath and had him on the bed and was rubbing that yummy lavender-scented baby lotion all over him, and this friend lifted her son's teeny little legs up to put some Desitin on a tiny rash he had, and she suddenly heard him giggling -- and she looked up to see my her son peeing in his own face.

Sadly, this friend did not have a camera handy. 

Let this be a lesson to all of you moms out there ... always have a camera handy. 


Image via Abbie Rogers Photography/Facebook

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