Doughnut Shop Owner Breastfeeds Her Baby & Customer Can't Deal

The human body is a miracle! Women are able to grow babies inside their own bodies, give birth to babies, and then create nourishment to feed their babies. What the female body is not capable of doing, however, is squirting breast milk from across the room and having it land on some dude buying donuts in a doughnut shop. At least not to my knowledge. 


Today's crybaby of the day is a guy who visited a doughnut shop in Winnipeg and says he was disturbed to find the owner of the bakery breastfeeding her baby. According to, the dude, who goes by the name "Lord Igor" in his online review on the site Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon), had this to say about Bronuts Donuts and Coffee Shop:

Too much for donuts. They won't last long. Six donuts and coffee, eighteen dollars. Good luck hipsters, you are going to need it. Oh and the baby being breast-fed behind the counter and the dude using his finger to level off my coffee before it was perked were nice touches too.

Later, he defended his comment, saying: "Behind the counter at an eating establishment breast feeding a child, without a privacy cover, is not only unprofessional, it is non hygienic."

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For her part, owner Meghan Zahari told told Buzzfeed Canada that she does breastfeed her daughter in seating reserved for customers, but has never breastfed behind the counter. She also took to her Instagram to inform her customers of what the deal really is:

Today I had the fun task of reading through and replying to online reviews. One of them being the negative review about me breastfeeding in the shop. Turns out people are still commenting on that initial post, so it needed a reply. From the business account, I wrote a nice reply explaining that breastfeeding within the shop does not affect the hygiene of the kitchen (duh), but I wish I could have said many more things...I hope those people are, at the very least, grateful for their own mothers' efforts and I hope that next time someone leaves a negative review about me as a business owner, it's actually about my work. (Thanks for being a sweet end to our day, @parlourcoffee. Emelyn enjoyed the coffee as much as we did. �) #motherhoodrising #coffeeshopcorners #livefolk #thatsdarling #brettandemelyn #emelynday #normalizebreastfeeding

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And then she posted another (totally adorbs) follow-up: 

I am sure Meghan wasn't nursing behind the counter, because, um, she says she wasn't. But even if she was, BIG WHOOP, Mr. Lord Igor -- if that's your real name, which I HIGHLY doubt.

I mean, even if Meghan had some freakishly awesome letdown, her breast milk isn't unhygienic, because it's not going anywhere besides her cute baby's mouth. Breasts don't work that way!

I had a crazy letdown, and not that I ever tried it, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't squirt my milk that far of a distance -- and what mom would anyway? Any lactating mamas out there who feel like testing their aim and distance, get back to me. 

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This is such a silly critique. I mean, if someone doesn't appreciate a business owner breastfeeding in public, then by all means, haul ass to Tim Hortons or something, but to say it's unhygienic is just silly. Restaurants are for eating. That's exactly what that baby was doing. It's not any more unhygienic than some dudebro scarfing down a doughnut in public. 


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