17 Things Just as Important as How You Feed Your Baby

Your baby is the most important thing in your life. And you’re going to be making a lifetime of important decisions. Everyone’s got an opinion, and a story to tell you about their own experiences. But no one else is raising your baby. As you help your little one blossom into the wonder he’s destined to be, try to stay true to yourself and remember what’s most important in life.


Here are 17 things just as important as how you feed your baby:

1. How you snuggle with him at night
2. How you talk to her all the time, even before she can talk back
3. How you encourage him to be his best
4. How you play together
5. How you laugh with her over the smallest, silliest things
6. How you treat others, and lead by example
7. How you try to stay calm when things don’t go as you expect
8. How you teach your baby about the wondrous world around you
9. How you support your family and friends
10. How you cheer for even the smallest victories
11. How you protect the most important people in your life
12. How you respond to your baby when she needs you
13. How you provide all the love and care your little one needs
14. How you help others, and accept help yourself when you need it
15. How you tickle your baby’s belly, and the bottoms of his tiny feet
16. How you balance motherhood with every other aspect of your life
17. How you smile back at your baby when she grins at you

These are all expressions of love – just like feeding your baby. And if you’ve made the decision to use formula, know that you’re in the right hands with Similac®. Similac® has OptiGRO™, a unique blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E, and is designed to help support your baby’s overall growth, brain, eye, and immune system development. That way you can focus on helping your baby develop in the best way you know how – by loving him.

What’s your favorite way to show love to your baby?

Image ©iStock.com/Jodi Jacobson

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