An Organic Formula Option

If you are bottle feeding your baby, you have lots of options. And one of those options is organic formula. Organic formulas can be more expensive than conventional formulas and you have to decide for yourself if it’s worth the splurge.


So, what is an organic formula? Organic formulas have to be USDA Certified Organic. They are made with organic milk, which has to be sourced from organically-fed cows that were raised without hormones or antibiotics. They contain all the same nutrients as conventional formulas but contain all organic ingredients.

Similac® Organic is the only organic infant formula with the unique OptiGRO™ blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E, that helps support your baby’s overall growth, brain, eye and immune system development. And while many people are choosing organic products, all Similac formulas are equally regulated and equally loved by moms – and have been for over 90 years.

Just as bottle feeding is a choice, so is opting for organic formula. But if for ethical or personal reasons you are leaning toward organic, then go for it. After all, there’s nothing more important than your baby and you’ll never be sorry about trying something you believe in.

What’s your best tip for going organic with your baby?


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