This Video Helpfully Illustrates Where It's Acceptable to Breastfeed your Baby

A lot of people tell moms to breastfeed. This video makes an excellent point about how society, other moms, pediatricians, your relatives, and so many people pressure moms to breastfeed ... but then suggest they do it where no one can see it. 


But guess what, moms? You can breastfeed anyplace you damn well please. Just like in this video! 

Can you breastfeed at the lake?

Heck yeah you can! No matter how many people are boating by you.

Can You Breastfeed While You Spend?

I would certainly think the argument can be made that if you are spending your hard-earned cash, or not spending a single dime, of course you can breastfeed in a store!

Can You Breastfeed While It's Sleeting?

Absolutely! Even though you may get soggy and cold while doing so. 

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The point is -- which this video illustrates beautifully -- that moms can breastfeed anywhere they want, anytime they want. It's that simple.



Image via The Canatellas/YouTube 

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