Non-GMO* Formula: What Is It?

There are so many different kinds of moms out there raising so many different kinds of babies. And with every new opinion and every piece of advice (solicited or not!) you find your head spinning with even more questions. How can you ever know who is right?



Well, guess what? You are!

Of all the doubts you may have as a mom, it’s a good bet that you’re doing the very best for your baby. Whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, go organic, use non-GMO* products or opt for conventional formulas, it’s all good.  It’s just a decision you have to make.

Similac® is non-judgmental and now it’s offering non- GMO* options like Similac Advance Non-GMO*. Having options for parenting and feeding your baby are good – just like acceptance and support.  But what exactly is a non-GMO* formula?

Simply put, non-GMO* formulas contain ingredients that are not genetically engineered. Non-GMO* formulas are not better, more nutritious or healthier than any of Similac’s® conventional formulas. They were just created to give you an option so that you can have the freedom to raise your child in the manner in which you choose.

And as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, raising your baby with lots of love, you can rest easy, knowing you’ve already made the most important choice.


Do you use non-GMO products in your household?

*ingredients not genetically engineered

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